Appearance of the heroes

I hope that this is where I should write for the subject haha, I would like that when ascending a hero, that he changes his appearance, to a more powerful and great one, since when leveling a hero or ascending, he shows it as “wow, this is the new look” but in the end it is the same, I would like it to be, besides a refund issue, I recently bought an offer of 300 gems, I bought it and it gave me a level 1 hero wheresaid in the offer that it was the maximum level, please fix.


Regarding the error with your recent purchase, you will need to contact Game Support:

Summons always give level 1 heroes. The examples show you fully leveled ones so you can see their full potential and final stats, that’s all.


I agree with the OP’s point that having different graphics would be a nice touch. Not a high priority, but I recall being disappointed the first time I ascended a hero to see no change at all in the graphic.


If they change the graphic, please make it tasteful! I still have nightmares of Fable’s excesses :grin:

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i’b be happy if they just changed tiburtus’ appearance. i’m not criticizing the artists ability, i just hate his face.