Appeal to cup droppers

Dear cupdropper.

Thank you for reading this!
I understand completely that you are dropping cups to make sure you can fill up the much needed chest nice and easy and with some speed to it.
But could you please also conssider the people that should be on the level of cups you decide to fall back to? These poor bastards work hard to go up in cups only to see that everybody around them is a lot stronger teams putting up to defend their cups and hams!

For myself my max team is 2800 (ish) and I raid in gold.
What I now more and more notice is that people with full 5* teams are around 1200-1400 cuprange.
No need to say that people that do fight hard for their cups and try to go to normal levels for the team they have, do not stand much chance of filling the chests nice, easy and swift the way you can do.

So what you might do: leave a team that can be beaten if you want to go lower. You can easily hit back to gold if you ever might get hit below 1200 cups before cashing the chest.


Its a dog eat dog world @HarryDeB. Not to sound insensitive but thats how she goes


I prefer to use my food to level my heroes than to reroll a lot in diamond tier. So as long the game stays that way, that’s how it would be. Sorry.

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I can tell you the game does not need stay ham deprived forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel, if you follow it’s flicker in the distance.

I’ve maxed my farms, watchtower and food storage, and I’m constantly in food overflow. Can’t empty all the frickin’ farms all the time. TC’s constantly training, lvling 5stars, training troops, crafting as much as I can, getting raided a lot, raiding in platinum/diamond myself, and I’m still drowning in ham.

But don’t tell the devs. They’d nerf it :confused:


I’m completing my second month today. I still don’t have any maxed building and i’m rushing to get SH and TC maxed, so i have big problems with food nowadays. Maybe in a few months that won’t be the case anymore.

OP, I understand your pain. But maybe, just maybe, you’re looking at this the wrong way.

I’ve been playing this game for little over a month but my team is not strong enough to get at gold and stay there. So I decided to have a defense team that’s 1k weaker than my attack team. That means I can actually raid and revenge for ham and iron, instead of having to spend a lot of ham to reroll.

Whenever my team becomes strong enough that I can stay at gold, I’ll get back to earn trophies. For now, I just want to stay at Silver and Raid.


12 days on, gonna need some months before you max anything other than a credit card

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I’m absolutely indifferent to your plight. Especially considering that when I get dropped to the lower tier, it’s entirely due to the slot machine mechanics of the game.

Take it up with the developers who don’t read/care about what it brought up on this forum.


I know this is because game mechanics allow it.
We had a recent war where our opponent all are level 35+ and all (!) of them are in cuprange 1200-1500…

Unless SG makes some ladder system where cup dropping is being puniched or cup gaining rewarded, I guess I will have to deal with the much stronger oppents during raiding and hope I can fill my raiding chest in 2-3 days.

I’m pretty sure they confirmed this a couple of days ago

Or you can drop cups, get one less roll and open 1,5 chest a day (3 chests every two days) and get more mats than if you’d opened one every 2 or 3 days in the higher ranking.

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I’m not really sure what the need is to cup drop. I used to do it when the loot was better, but raids favor attackers, so every night when you log off, you will drop enough cups naturally to then attack reasonable/easy opponents.


I can’t speak for others.

This is my reason.

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I haven’t been cup dropping in a few months, but if the opponents you face are too strong, you might need to drop some cups yourself.

If you keep winning you’re going to rise to the point where the opponents you face are consistently tough, regardless if other people are dropping or not.

Also this is why the game gives the ability to “reroll” if you don’t like what you see.


I have a level 14 stronghold, I’m currently sitting in gold and I admit I still don’t spend much ham rerolling. I haven’t tried cup dropping, though I do get the feeling a bunch of the players I encounter are/have. It seems like cups at this point are more a hindrance than something to chase.

The problem is that successful raiding is required for filling the chest, and for a growing player it’s also required for resources to train and build. Compared to hitting a progress hump in PvE which I may not even notice due to spending a lot of world energy farming low level content for feeder mats and recruits.

TLDR- I think the raiding system is a bit broken, at low levels gaining cups feels more like a hindrance than any progress/accomplishment. People using cup dropping to stay afloat won’t change as long as it’s the way it is, they’re just going to push more people to do the same.

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My issue is when someone raids me constanly and then purposfully loses, forcing mu cups way above what i can protect and making it very didficult for me to fill my chest and also letting other high level players easily take my resources. I gained almost 150 cups last night from someone doing this…their team is way above mine so i know they’re doing it on purpose.

A variant of Occam’s Razor: Never attribute to malice what is sufficiently explained by stupidity and/or ignorance.

And I’d also add to that list, really rotten luck getting awful boards, or accidentally selecting the wrong team to do a raid with. Not like either of those last two things have ever happened to me! :rofl:

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I, for one, can say that it has already happen to me. There were a few times when I saw a target that I could take down, but got three rotten boards and couldn’t do a thing.

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It is an intolerable egoism. every time it is difficult to fill the chest, because they are full to my supposed level of 5 * uploaded to the top and with one or 2 of 3, to enter the middle class, but one only kills you all and costs you 48 or 100 thousand hams looking. I should be very, very penalized.

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I dont care about cup drop or not anymore. I just raid to fill chest. The ham/iron sucks anyway no matter where you are. Sometimes, I look at my full flags and see what am I going to do with you? If I go raid most I can get is 20k. Gone the day of 90k food.

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