App update causing alliance issues


Updated my app 8 hours ago.Now I can’t see any of my alliance members stats. Anyone else havin this issue??


You and your alliance have diffrent game ver. The rest of the alliance must also update game before all is back to normal.
Give message on alliance chat to give the rest of alliance notice of new ver.


This happens every update, when some have updated their game and others haven’t yet.


Thats what I thought…when I noticed I gave everyone a heads up to update. Can’t issue promotions without stats…lol…thanks guys!!! Happy titan battles and may your damage be tear inducing!


Be aware, some people might not see the update; I had to hold/swipe down to update the App Store before I could see it…then all was right with the world. Heh :wink:


And adding on to what is being clarified above, the player info screen has already got the error message/ description, indicating the mismatch in versions. In short once all your alliance members upgrade to v1.9.1 then everybody can see everybody’s player info. Good luck :+1:


Awww…all these helpful ppl…thanx guys!


Yep, this is due to the two versions running at the same time. Should resolve itself, once enough players have updated their game!