App setup changed to winter with display issues

My setup now shows my base with Winter theme but with several display issues! While I open app Richard and Elena appear with Christmas costumes… In my alt account (both Android) Halloween theme is still active…but in either is an update available… Any thoughs?

Someone else noted this (Jonah the Bard) here:

Not 100% sure on the display issues. Someone has suggested that it could be fixed by clearing the cache here:

Someone else had a thread about it here:

And also here:

But my setup has display issues… some black spots that makes hard to visualize and push options!!!

(See edit above @KaptainGanya)

Restarted phone, cleared cache but still same black spots… I can play but some app features (like the + icon next to gems) were replaced by black spots… it is a visual issue…

Hi @KaptainGanya! Deleting and reinstalling the game app might be able to fix this. Before doing so, please make sure you have saved your progress by connecting to Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Should you need any further assistance, please submit a ticket to Support. In the game, you can find the Support button by tapping Menu , then Options and selecting Support tab.

How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


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