App crashed while fighting titan


I was fighting a titan on 26 sep 2017 around 0234 and took a lot of hit points off of him when the app crashed. When i brought the app back up I received zero points for the hit and lost my Alliance Energy point.


That can happen. The client will post results to server only when the fight is completed. Sorry to say but your energy and score is lost.


This constantly happens to me. Like maybe about every fifth titan fight, not only does the app crash mid-fight (so I lose points, the team loses points, and I lose that rare turn to fight the titan), but it crashes my whole dang iPad. Same thing has happened during raids, which I now avoid thanks to this horrible bug. Something is seriously wrong with the app. Based on the response, though, I take it that nothing is going to be done about it. Wish I hadn’t spent money on this thing so I could just delete it.


If you have an older iPAD, it may have a lot of resources tied up on open programs. Force-close most of the rest of them before you play.


I’m having exactly the same problem although don’t even need to be going up against a Titan.

I use the latest Android HTC device.

Was enjoying this game until now…



I play with iphone 6s and ipad Air 2. The app rarely crashes. Yesterday it froze, first time in months. I won a raid but couldn’t continue after the victory screen. The animation was running but had to kill the app and restart. Luckily results had been posted so I didn’t lose cups.

If you have a lot of crash problems then maybe report it to the devs through the app or email.

What ipad do you have?