App crash, raid loss

I fought a player, one moment I plugged the headphone in or out, it crashed and I lost my trophies and energy, IM TIRED OF THE APP CRASHING!!! :rage:

Without any details… there’s not much anyone can do to suggest improvements…

Maybe provide some details about:

  1. What version of the app you are running (I assume it’s current as there haven’t been any releases recently)
  2. What type of device you’re playing on
  3. What version of the OS are you using?
  4. What other apps were running in the back-ground?

Finally, this is a community forum… not much anyone can do as we aren’t the developers…

Does this happen regularly (or somewhat often) with the headphones? If so, open a support ticket and be sure to include your phone model and OS version. It may even be a bug in your phone or OS itself. But starting SGG to look into it is a good starting point.

All these issues (and I guess there are hundreds each day among almost 2 million players), could be easily solved if they will implement the same feature they already implemented in the other SG game. In Puzzle Combat if your app crashes or simply are disconnected because various reasons, your progress is saved. When you come back online, the game just opens at the point you lost connection. I already suggested this feature to also be implemented in here -> Return in battle at the same point, if lost connection; why SG implemented this in Puzzle Combat only?

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