App crash during AW resulting once again 0 score plus 5 x wasted heroes

та ж сама проблема

I just had crash in war, update 1.12.7
0 score connections is good
Please fix game crash

Ok…I’m learning a lot here on forum…thank you! Now, we are in an AWSTATS as I speak. One of my team members vanquished an opponents hero and got 0 points… our leader went after a team and was kicked out…twice…back to back! What’s up with that?

My game just lost connection with the server after war battle so, 0 point, lost team and lost attack because server timeouts. This has only happened to me in the war/battlefield!

Update app to latest version. One of my members had the problem, updated and no longer has the problem.

Добрый день, сегодня на войне зависла игра и угадайте что случилось, правильно, после этого мне дало 0 баллов победы, -5 героев для использования и -1 енергия войны!!! Как так, в чём эти проблемы, это было уже не однократно, но в этот раз меня такой поворот событий разозлил!!!

+1. Game crashes before beginning AW, lost points and crew. SR raised. This version 1.12.7 b742 crashes many times since update. Hope they fix this. This has never happened before.I am on android platform.

Thanks mate. The crash happened on the updated latest IOS app version 1.12.7 build 395

@Petri may I ask what is the reason for you to remove the screen-shot of the full reply from SG for my support ticket? Is this the real reason my post was initially “flagged by multiple community members as inappropriate”?

Could you please advise which t & c have I violated by posting the full reply here? If I have, I will apologise yet I have just thoroughly read through the forum rules as well as community guidelines but failed to see what is wrong of posting such information here?

Just to say the issue is still happening. Just happened to me. @petri and all, any forecast of definitely solving it?

This AW bug is getting very annoying. It have waisted all my attacks. I pick a player, I pick my team, but once I hit attack I get booted from game and my score is 0 aswell as my attack was spent and my team shows they’ve been used.

Same thing has happened to me 3 times lasr war and again today. Game isn’t worth it anymore and a flask reward as compensation doesn’t cut it. Just stop the wars until the issue is fixed.

My guess is that it showed some type of personal information that isn’t allowed (for our own benefit) to be posted on the forum.

I’m losing connection during quests and raids, has cost me 20 energy and a few raid wins, as well as a tabard so far which uou know how hard those are to come by

Three members of my alliance have experienced this issue during the current war. One of them said that he defeated the entire team he battled and then the app froze. When he exited and restarted the app, he was awarded 0 points.

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The same thing happen to me. One attack wasted, 5 heroes wasted and this game had started to be a waste of time. Is the second time and since the first one, a new release was deployed bug still goes on.

during war I have finished the team of the opponent. after completion of fight. the application has hanged. badge bad connection. after reapplication launch. the team of 5 heroes has burned down. appointed 0 points. the attempt has been spent too.

Closing due to old age of thread. For new issues, please see 📵 Disconnected During War Attack / Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

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