App crash during AW resulting once again 0 score plus 5 x wasted heroes

SG, it is getting more than just annoying now as I have just experience again 0 score in AW plus 5 x wasted heroes. Unlike the previous two times though, this time, after I took down the opponent’s centre tank Kashhrek, the app crashed and of course when restarted, the opponent team stay full health whilst my 5 x heroes became used. At no stage, there was the “weak signal” / “connection lost” sign showed up.

My team is Sartana, Zeline, Ares, Athena and Jackal, all fully leveled up. App has already been updated to latest 1.12.7 build 395

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Support ticket #81446 submitted @Petri

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Happened to me, but with no crash. Went in a team without its tank, leonidas. Killed a couple of heroes, and alberich ressurected leonidas at the end. When I was killed, zero points and leonidas gone again - I did not kill it. No delilah or toth involved

Just won a battle in AW only lost one hero, but got 0 points rather than the 74 I and therefore the team should have got. How do I please raise a ticket?

@Diverted2000, please follow the steps listed in the link

We are having multiple players receiving 0 points after wiping out opposing teams. When will this get fixed?

Same issue experienced by another team member of my alliance, so far, I have requested all members of my alliance pause from making any attack in AW until further notice. Please advice if this is gonna be fixed soon or not. @Petri

It has happened the same to me. You must do something, we are getting bored of this problem and the virtual impossible gathering of legendary items to ascend the 5 stars heroes.

Just reporting this happened to a team member as well in our war.

@Petri tell the DEVs to give more apologie epic hero tokens these bug are many.

Thank you for the reports.

We have investigated the reports here and it seems this issue is related to connectivity. However, we are looking into implementing an improvement in the next update (version 1.13), so your war energy (and heroes) wouldn’t be lost in cases where you lose connection to the game server before the war battle.


@Petri Thanks for the update. However, I have to respectfully disagree with the conclusion as “related to connectivity”. This is the very first time the app crashed on me since I’ve been playing this game for almost two years, not to mentioned as I stated/reported above, the was no “lost connection”/“weak signal” sign flashing st any stage prior and/or during the battle, until suddenly the app crashed and went to IOS desktop. Linking to the past two consecutive problematic AW with similar 0 score issue, it is really not convincing with such conclusion provided here. I myself, is not here whining or asking for a petty apology token, im sure devs can check how much I have been spending on this game. I think it is time for devs to really make effort to properly fix the issue before rushing any other update out.

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Happened to me as well! Completely took out a team and got 0 points and lost my heroes and war flag :frowning: this is beginning to get annoying. Makes me not even want to participate in wars. I hope this gets resolved.

Just because you have not lost connection to your carrier network, does not mean connectivity to SG servers is fine. There can be numerous issues outside of SGs control when it comes to connectivity between your phone and their servers. That said, there does seem to be a consistently reported issue of clients having connectivity issue when initiating war battles. Perhaps it’s connectivity to the servers that host war battles, I have no clue how their backend is designed.

They need to be careful implementing a full reset on a lost connection or players will abuse it by force disconnecting themselves if the board is bad. Sounds like they are looking into ways to possibly safeguard locking those heros out until a heartbeat can confirm the war initiated correctly.


@Zizzzzy thanks for your input but I don’t think you know what I was talking about here. The reply Petri posted here is only partial. I’ve got full reply from SG dev Jo whom advised me to either reset my router or switch to another reliable network. I didn’t bother to post it here but here you go, just for you mate

Empires & Puzzles is an online multiplayer game, it’s essential that you are connected to a reliable network and your device signal is strong.

Please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Restart your router (Turn off power then unplug. Plug back in, turn on power and try reconnecting)
  2. Move your router. Depending on your router’s range, objects like thick walls can interfere with the signal.
  3. If you are using a wireless connection, check your router configuration and make sure the port 8443 is open.
  4. Contact your service provider for further information.
  5. Try another internet connection. We recommend playing over wireless (wifi) connection.

Now please tell me what does this read to you?

it looks to me like standard end user connectivity troubleshooting for devices on an external network where a support rep has limited to no ability to diagnose connection problems. That reply in no way means they are not also investigating the issue deeper within their own network where they do have the ability to dive deeper.

so, this post is apparently “flagged by multiple community members as inappropriate”.

Now, I have deleted all my comment but only leave this full reply from SG to share with everyone. Let’s see if this is still “inappropriate” or not.

Lol settle down, you asked me a question and I answered. Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I am arguing with you. You posting the full support response just affirms my belief in previous posts.

They state they identified a cause, are working on solutions to help improve it, offered you several additional suggestions for things that could help improve/resolve the issue on your end… and your response…

Not me, its you. Do more.

Anyways, I’m done in the thread, good luck with your issue.

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At me, my game crash two times, once with the titan and second in a revenge. Is very frustasting and bad for the game.

Cmq a me è successa la stessa cosa di jacco,squadra completa bruciata con punteggio 0 causa disconnessione improvvisa pur avendo rete Wi-Fi solida è attiva…incolpate sempre la connettivita’…quando forse ci sono altri problemi

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