App collapse in different situations

Today between 16:13 - 16:45 CET I have had many app collapses. Most of them was when I was in Summon game -when: I was browsing daily summon; when I summoned daily summon; when I was browsing epic hero summon and when I accepted epic hero summon. One collapse happend when I was browsing heroes in hero roster… Sometimes I was able to see information about connection error but in each case finally the app was closed without any action from my side to close the app. As I’m updating Barracks in this very moment I’m not able to find out if I lost some of the “coins” for interrupted summon - I have noticed that I have won a troop… and in this very moment app died…

I have had similar problems around that time, too (in Poland). Heroes’ images in daily summon were all blurred and the game kept kicking me out every 2-3 minutes no matter what the activity was :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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