App closes during titan attack


Twice now I have had the app close unexpectedly during a titan attack. It has also happened during a quest attack. This time was 1538 PST 30-Jan-2018. The app had never automatically stopped before the Christmas event ended but since then at least 5 times. I have even had all flags disappear after my first attack going from 3 alliance flags to 0 after one attack. I have spent a significant amount on this game and am getting so frustrated at the bugs and the seemingly constant struggle to have the game operate as it dis when I started playing that I have and am considering moving to a more stable game. The attached picture is of my 0 score on the titan.


This is a big problem probably due to an unstable server and not the players internet connection and the fact that they don’t compensate for the time you put in is more frustrating the system seems to know I attacked the Titan but it doesn’t seem to know or replace the energies used when it boots you off the system seems like a big FU if you ask me


@Rider @Jaypic: Please report this bug directly to SG:

Contact Game Support for help, from your game screen by clicking:
Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

ALSO ON ANY FAQ PAGE, will be a link for submitting a New Request.


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