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Hello all. This is not a moan or a whinge but something I have been thinking about for a while - I raise it merely as a topic for discussion that might perhaps come to the attention of the Devs.

(For the purpose of clarity I should point out that I am a C2P player but I think the issues I raise here affect everyone from the F2P to the biggest Whales)

After nearly three years of playing I think that most long term players would agree that the game has changed massively - particularly in the last twelve months. The biggest change has been the addition of so many new events (as well as the addition of seasons 3 and 4). Don’t get me wrong, compared to the early days when events were punctuated with long periods of boring farming E&P is far more absorbing as a result.

What I have noticed as a consequence is that the rate at which I have accrued 5* heroes has increased markedly - in one week, for instance, I got (my first) Thorne through TC20 on Sunday, Thorne/cos on Thursday at masquerade, and Thorne again on an event pull one week later (don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining about having, potentially, three Thorne/cos!). The following week I got my first Magni

Quickly followed by my second Magni.

And then this week I got King Arthur…

Now, I know some players will be thinking ‘nice problem to have’ particularly given that I already have Raphael at 4/70. However… I am going to complete the necessary ascension items at the end of the current Valor in a couple of weeks time and, obviously, I am going for Thorne/cos when I do. But, what that means is that the rest of the acquisitions are effectively redundant ( given that it will take at least six months to build up the next set).

I know that the issue of redundancy is not a new one but I think it is getting worse as a result of the increased number of events (and bear in mind that I am only talking about ice heroes here - I have a similar problem across the board). My (first) question is this - given the increased drop rates of 5* heroes that results from so many new events - are the drop rates of the relevant ascension materials being adjusted in tandem? Maybe they are (although it doesn’t feel like it - in the current event serious five star mats are still only available to the very top echelons). Perhaps other players have different experiences with random drop rates - if it’s just my bad luck that’s fine, but I am curious…?

My second (related) question is this. Given the increased amount of events has any thought been given to the drop rate of crafting materials? When I first started playing I had never been a game player before so didn’t really understand what I was doing. As a consequence I built up huge stockpiles of battle items and crafting materials (because I kept forgetting to use them) and achieved mediocre results. As I learned more I became more disciplined about crafting and deploying battle items. My stocks depleted and my results improved However… at that time there was enough time to replenish (through careful farming) both the raw materials and the products necessary to thrive in challenges and the like.

That situation has changed considerably though. We now have almost daily events and, it seems to me, that the supply of crafting materials hasn’t been adjusted in line (and I am talking simple stuff here like crypt mushrooms or fine steel).

Like I said at the start I am not whining about this - my perspective is entirely personal - but I am curious to know what others on the forum think. I’m also curious to know if the Devs have thought about this. Before the takeover the game seemed to evolve at a considered, if somewhat staid, pace. Since the takeover there has been a visible drive to increase the excitement factor… Which is grand, as long as everything else advances in concert.

Thoughts please…


Good Post Pearl.

These are all valid points and not a moan post at all. Redundancy is a big issue and the “working on it” has been too long of a process. Make the players happy dammit!

I LOVE the new events, but the Ninja tower and Mythic titan do add a LOT more to your playing time which doesn’t always allow an extra hour of daily playing. It think one of the biggest issues us long term players (me included) is we feel like we must finish everything. Most events like the Sand Empire and this month’s Knights of Avalon are easy because you have ample time to do it when you want…at your leasure. It’s these other ones that really feel like a chore, Ninja Tower is a crazy slog.

All we really have in life is time we’ll be on this planet. And if this game is taking too much of that precious, finite time…we all need to see if it’s worth it.



Couldn’t agree more bud a chor it definitely is. I mean how much time they think we got lol its like they expect us to wake up play before work then play as soon as I get back quickly eat me dinner play then bed then repeat lol. If we don’t we will fall behind prity much. In between all that I got deal with me wife and 2 daughters. Just impossible for me to keep up hence why iv had to go to chilled alliance’s to play.

Surely they can see its just to much there adding in.


Ill agree that one of my favorite things about the game was that it wasn’t much of a time investment. You had to work around your titan hits, but that was about it. You could be a top competitor without spending your day on the game.

Its much more of a grind now. I dont know if thats a bad thing overall, but it is not great for those of us with demanding lives.


This is time gating at its best.
You lack the time? Pay.


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Uh, you don’t quite get it. Even with my strong C2P roster, the ninja tower and mythic titan add a lot to the already time consuming regular grind. Money has zero to do with that.

Pay someone to play for me…yeah that would save me time. Kinda defeats the purpose of a game though don’tcha think?


You make some good points I have seen elsewhere including the less mentioned crafting strain. The problem is that the devs don’t play or only do titans and war. Because of this they lack the knowledge of what it’s like for a large portion of their player base. Ironically, this also includes the hardcore whale/P2W market. Simply put they don’t know the crafting strain of ranking everything monthly. They don’t realize that over saturation of new heroes, at a certain point, leads to less spending. So many suggestions have made to address the issues you mentioned , but they are blinded by short term gains. The player base is shrinking, but revenue is still strong. As a former whale (recently switched), just how out of touch the devs are baffles me.

I have said before I would have spent more, and I spent thousands, if mats were more prevalent. However with the current cycle of pushing out tons of new heroes there just isn’t a point in summoning much. If you don’t get it day 1 and have mats ready, might as well not chase cause the over saturation of new heroes will probably just make that new shiny one irrelevant by the time you get mats to level it. Again, this is a whale perspective. A good example of this is I got Lepiota day one, but had 0 tabbards. I still don’t have six. So when I get 1 more I still probably wouldn’t (if I was still spending a lot) . In that gap though I didn’t summon for Hannah who I actually wanted. This example happens so much and I don’t think they realize it. Oh cool x is featured, but I already have y and can’t ascend. So I will keep my wallet closed.


Nah, I get it, trust me.
Why do you think paying is always an option to speed up things?
Pay and you get heroes to sail thru NT.
Pay and you get items to sail even better thru NT.
MT is a bit different as it’s timed, but pay and you can score enough to be in top 1% with 3-4 attacks.

That without considering that you can use in MT and NT the time you have saved in the other phases of the game (purchasable loot tickets, anyone?)

Time gating and Power gating are there to provide income.
You get it or you don’t but that’s still their sole reason to exist.


I’m glad there is more to do. I’ve had an influx of materials so glad to put them to use efficiently. I get antsy when there isn’t an event happening.

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I like the new events.

With everything there is to do I have often sacrificed the Ninja Tower because it’s not healthy playing that much on a phone. It can seriously harm your social life and your “real” job. I won’t sacrifice my life for a mobile game, that is way too much to ask. Sometimes, challenge events were too time consuming as well. On holiday I will try to complete it once (if I can).

I was happy to notice I had an ice chest to fill two days ago. It gave me a cape, a shield, three summon tokens (the grey ones), 20 emblems and some farmable items… War loot seems poor, titan loot has awful drop rates, there’s only so much you can get on the map…

I’m very unhappy with the drop rate of 5* ascension mats. I have a second Lianna, Heimdall, Zocc, Kadilen, Elradir, a second Telluria, Atomos, Horghall, a second Mother North waiting for mats.

It would take me years to ascend all of them. If I get more Nature 5* I believe Horghall will never be ascended. It doesn’t look decent to me.

SG needs to increase the drop rates just as they did with emblems. I understand that rarity is essential to gacha games but this is too much. And seriously, are we still going to play E&P 5 years from now? 10 years?


Not all of us pay for the items to “sail through NT”

I farm to build the resources to build them all. Could I buy them? I guess but you don’t need to spend.

Do you need to invest time? Yes you do but I have the time so no issue.

Money will make a difference for some (and what doesn’t it do that for in anything???) but you can’t say only money makes things like NT easy.


I’ve never paid for anything in this game and I’ve sailed through Ninja Tower each time. Several top 1k finishes too. I actually wonder what paying players are doing wrong given their advantages.


I wouldn’t disagree that the game was in need of freshening up - there was too much doldrums time before the new events were added - my point is that there are now so many that the rest of the infrastructure has failed to keep up.

Drop rates, for instance, haven’t increased on crafting and ascension materials. I used to concentrate on the specific items I used for challenge events and would have a decent cache (usually between 150built up by the time a challenge started. That cache would usually be exhausted before the event ended but by that time I would have a decent score. But with so many new events there just aren’t enough crafting materials to do that despite farming at least twice a day every day. I had also amassed so many refills it was embarrassing - I couldn’t get it below 50 for a while. Now it’s down to 17 which should give you an idea of how much I play!

And it’s not just materials - even with all of the mines maxed out four just isn’t enough at times - the addition of two new mines would make a big difference to everyone. Increasing drop rates for common items would make a bigger one.


Ruskin 505

‘I’ve never paid for anything int his game and I’ve sailed through Ninja Tower each time. Several top 1k finishes too. I actually wonder what paying players are doing wrong given their advantages.’

A whole other thread but I think you only have to compete in enough raids and tournaments to know that paying for the newer superheroes has substituted for skill (not all, but certainly some players). It has taken me nearly three years (and level 71) to build a decent rainbow defence team of about 4.6k strength (mainly S1 5*). When I see level 50 players with 4.8k teams I am guessing that they are pay to win (or very VERY lucky). What confirms it are their defence team format -snipers in tank position, tank and flankers from the same colour, mono green defence in a ‘no blue heroes’ tournament etc.

The sad thing is that they can still beat you on occasion, purely by the strength and speed of the newer heroes attack - particularly if (like me) you still mix up 4 and 5* heroes for strategic reasons (Melendor and Rigard spring to mind).

I enjoy those battles with evenly matched teams that go all the way to the last couple of minutes and one or two heroes each, particularly if your opponent has a really well thought out team - it’s E&P at its best. But it does feel like those days are passing…

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what bothers me is the relentless offer that appear made my head spinning ,i just think SG should consider lowering price of gems as the events increase…


And I never said that.
What you do - or don’t do - doesn’t change the fact that paying is always there to offer an advantage.

First thing that comes to mind: chess.
Yes, with money you might buy a training camp with Kasparov but you can’t buy 16 queens (and there’s no chance Garry would accept you if you aren’t exceptional already).

And I never said that too, but…
with enough mint power you could have 250 overpowered heroes to slash thru every stage without caring for curses at all.
It wasn’t about ease, but speed.

A lot of things :woman_shrugging:t3:

The drop rate does not change, but the source is increased, now you can get it from PoV, Raid Tournament, and Alchemy Lab (Alkashard exchange, I can make exchange every 5 days, with 5% chance for 4* AM). They are unavailable back in 2019 when event is not as busy as now.

There are new sources for crafting materials too, such as Midgard Gnomes, you can also get it from event loot but they are scarce. For me, the most important is Alchemy Lab which can balance my crafting materials/battle items by converting least used but abundant items into the items that I need.

However, you have to be savvy to take advantage of it, otherwise you will find your battle items not enough for events.

Nb: from F2P perspectiive. I only challenge the Challenge Events to top 10k rare, top 5k epic, top 10k legend, Ninja Tower to top 25k (10k if lucky), for Mystic Titan I only use battle items on the 1st attack hoping to rank good enough in highest hit but don’t bother about total hit or alliance part. I don’t use battle items for costume events, emblem trials, ToL, or seasonal events.

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I also have been playing for almost 3 years (C2P for POV and VIP for the last 1.5 years with a 2 month break from the game last fall). And I am currently ascending a five star in each color (with more on deck). That has been pretty rare in the past.

But the increased events increases the frequency of free pulls (usually two or three per event) means more chances at 5* heroes. Plus drops from TC20 and HA10. And increased events and event frequency also means increased chance of mats.

I am not at all upset. In fact, I know this surge is temporary, as soon HA10 will slow its drop of unique heroes (I’m missing only Elena and Quintus) and I have the majority of 3 and 4 stars leveled.

I think the end game is near in the next year or so.

But then again, I’ll probably keep playing and move to F2P. I play Contra (1987 NES) with my brother when he’s in town. Cuz everybody loves a classic. And it’s always fun to play something you are good at.

Devs know everything and they don’t care.

Read their answers to spring Q&A

I mean that’s not actually true.

If they didn’t care they’d just switch it off wouldn’t they?

Do they care about revenue? Yes but what company that provides Entertainment doesn’t?

Do they care about you or me? Well I’d argue not specifically. They make a product and we either play it or we don’t. If you want to make a statement then vote with your feet.

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