Apology Token Pull

You probably have checked your in-game mail and got the epic hero token and titan flask.
Have you used the token yet and what did you pull? Are you saving it for later?

I got this bad boy:

While my alliancemate with 30+ 5’s and 50+ 4’s got a Vivica. :joy:

Boldtusk :sparkling_heart:
Already have a backlog in red to level up but I fear Kelile and second Lancelot just moved down a nodge and will be hunrgy for some more time


Another Kashhrek, as I’m trying to get this HOTM I used the token instantly :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got Dawa :frowning:

Kailani for me, had a alliance member get Boril with Gravemaker though.


Another Bane lol, but this was nice though

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I got Tiburtus, he will be eaten by Merlin :wink:

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I would love a 2nd Tibs. Granted he wouldn’t be leveled for a while but he is pretty awesome.

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I got Sabina with no Gravemaker. Have to wait until this month’s event, I suppose.

He is, but I feel 1 is enough, I still have a few 4s I haven’t leveled yet and a bunch of 5s. He would just sit there being lvl1, better to get eaten :wink:

Oberon & Gravemaker. Can’t complain. :smile:


I have actually started saving some dups of good heros. Got enough to level so they will wait. No big deal.

Got my second boril, didn’t get lucky with the HOTM

I got isshtak too, lianna enjoys a free meal!!

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Karil #5645437

:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:


Jahangir no gravedigger

Kiliani for me she made wu a good snack

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Firstly I think it was a nice gesture from the devs
For my pull I got a Valen so a nice little snack for Arthur :slight_smile: no hotm


Balthazar. I then check my TC20 and who do I have waiting for me? Balthazar sigh

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same here. Wu ate well!

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