Aouda – S4 Hero – 5* Holy / Yellow Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

By my calculations, she reaches the following stats embleming all on attack:
940 atk, 841 def, 1403 hp

She hits stronger than C.Joon on first hit and slightly lower after that.

Well, I think she’ll be nice, I mean doesn’t everyone love Lianna even without her costume, the pure sniper’s sniper? I can imagine Aouda being handy for example in the upper levels of Ninja Tower, where status effects are so short as to be ineffective. However, it’s a fair point that outside that sort of situation you probably want heroes that can do “stuff” as well as just hitting very hard. But then I’m quite well off for holy single hitters that do “stuff” (Malosi, Bai Yeong, Poseidon, Joon, Uraeus, Jackal the honorary 5*). I can afford not to get over excited about Aouda. Obviously I wouldn’t complain if she came along.

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I just got Aouda from a free pull and will max her out after Devana. I have 18 Darts and im glad that im finally getting some 5* heroes to spend my mats on as a f2p…
I think I will max Aouda even though i already have Joon +20. I think she will get more useful the more new heroes release that give +max health. Before the minion meta Grimble was released and was useless before new heroes came out that summon minions.
Even without the bonus 500 damage, Aouda still hits for 480%, then 450% which is very good considering her very high attack.


Fully agree. My favourite SS animations in the game are largely among the S2 heroes, with Aeron imo having the best in the game. I want him just for that. These are all older heroes from back when the game wasn’t so much of a cash grab. I don’t know if they are running out of ideas for special skill animations and sounds but I would happily join their design team as i have numerous ideas for new SS sounds and looks.

For example, if target have 200 boosted health and main direct damage is more than 200, does Aouda deal extra damage ?

Since the extra damage deal after the main direct damage, if the main direct damage is more than 200, does extra damage still apply ?

The problem like this used to occur in the first time that Gobbler and Captain of Diamond came out. They used to deal direct damage before destroy minion that make the direct damage absorb my minion. (Now the deal direct damage after destroy minion.)

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Yes she always deals the bonus dmg to boosted heroes. When she uses her skill it is first determined whether the target is boosted or not, then 450% dmg hits and then 500 extra dmg, regardless if the target still is boosted after the 450%. Otherwise the 500 extra would be very pointless, because she will most likely always snipe the boosted health away first due to her high attack. :smiley:


Well, so the description will be ambiguous like Kageburado :slightly_smiling_face:

No, it should be according to the order of skills. Kage is priority dispell because the dispel came first before the damage. Gefjon steals minions first before dealing damage. So why they would order aouda’s skill like that is questionable

Edit- okay nevermind, I figured out now that the ordering of skills doesn’t matter for her because it states she deals ‘extra’ damage which is the key word I overlooked. So it’s same as when a skill deals extra elemental damage. So my bad, thought she was broken

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Got my 6th Dart today and decided to level up Aouda over Costume Rana - due to 2000 unused Rogue emblems and already a Monk project in the works (if not for emblems, I’d take Rana first).

Unfortunately this won’t be powerleveling as I am kinda short on food these days, but she should be ready some time next week so I’m looking to post some videos/images how she’s doing.


I feel like Telly and all the new health boosters or HoT heroes like C. Rigard mean 500 auto damage plus whatever I can get from her hit plus, ideally, defense down and elemental defense down.

It’s the essence of a sniper. One hero focus with new boost meta wiped out as part of her hit. Hard to pass that up.

I see your arguments, all of those you mention, yes of course.

Should have clarified, she is better than most yellow snipers and better than situational holy heroes.

FYI…I’ve spent a bit on S3 heroes and only have Sif as a 5* from there.

I don’t know about you, but it seems they are a lot of ‘war’ defenses that use hp boosters…Gullinbursti’s, the Clizard healer, etc…I think she would be great.

I would not put her in a class with Obakan and Quintus…‘well I would wait for something better’. I might wait for Joon.

Besides Joon, who are better yellow snipers?

Comparison with CJ is very personal, bcoz, everyone doesn’t have CJ.

In the end, you r still going to level up had me wonder, what was all the complain about !

Auoda is a good sniper backed by balanced stats, though HP needs some enhancement. Added benefit to deal with Over heal, an existing reality…

On offence, one can also manipulate opposition to create overheal for using Amod’s, just like we send tiles after Hansel hits, to kill that hero will mana fill-up !

Useful hero for current meta… if one knows / chooses to play smart !

Finally, SG can make all heroes same, so that certain players will give it a “A”… for heroes to be use all the time. That would be boring & not make any sense…


Aouda will get a way to my defense with skadi.


Because its a common strategy nowadays to go with hp booster heroes like heimdall and garnet and combine it with some lame minion making hero (freya frosth krampus bera).

So whilst there are almost no heroes in defense that can be dangerous against your hp boosted super minion army… skadi and now aouda can be very tricky.

Will take a while but I think aouda maxed can almost instant kill a boosted hero, as she should hit somewhere around 1500 to 1700 when on defense


I’m thinking, instead of the skill description being in two bullet points, it should read something like “Deals 450% damage to the target. This is increased by 500 if the target has boosted health.” That makes it look less like two separate calculations. It must be programmed that way, I suppose, but the description should show how it works to the user. How the code runs in the background isn’t really relevant to us.


if i have aouda. I will give him the mat 4* + emblems.
if I have C Joon and Aouda. then I will raise Aouda and after that C Joon.
nowadays people everywhere are using purple tanks. so I think the yellow sniper is always welcome.
im hope im hv both of them. Both of them is great heroes

No dart regrets here. Been playing 2.5 years and with 22 non-S1-vanilla legendary heroes she is incredible my very first non-S1 sniper! Even if I had C Joon I’d level her first to see her portrait instead of his. :heart_eyes:


Up to 940, ut without considering the new ether boosts. She has higher max possible attack, and also does higher direct damage than Joon with her first hit, but not on the second (without considering the extra 500). On the other hand, she does not have blind. I would still favor her because Joon-C maximum attack is “only” of 888

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