Aouda or Zhang Fei ? Asking for a friend

Hi mates,

Asking for a friend… which one would you max ? Aouda or Zhang Fei ? Both of them could get some emblems (more for Aouda) and won’t be used in defense.

Maxed yellows :
Horus +19 LB
Wolfgang +19 LB
Sif +19 LB
Prof. Lidenbrock +20
Odin +19
Hanitra +13
Devana +9
Joon-C +0
Malosi +0
Dalilah +0
Mica +0

  • Aouda
  • Zhang Fei

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I voted for ZF because he gives 5x a protective defence buff: reflects the bad DD to the attacker.

This has helped me more than once, when I face an enemy team with multiple DD heroes. Bad DD is reflected back to my glee. I then send in my attackers to take out the afflicted enemies.

Sadly I only have 1 copy of him. I tried to get more.


good evening everyone, for me and best zhang fei, I broke it at 83, and emblem at 10, and it already has these parameters (attack 928, shield 852, life 1549) plus it reflects the negative magic of the defense, in the field you change the game, in my opinion better with lb

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Vote +1 for ZF, more useful and good stats.
Also, wanted to ask your friend where he dig up alot of Holy material - 12 maxed 5 star, just a big WOW from me.

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Thanks a lot everyone ! Zhang Fei seems to be a pretty obvious choice.

@titano my friend plays since mid 2019 and buys some offers (Freya’s and Nemo’s for example with 4* mats), that’s why. :wink:

I’ll play a bit of devils advocate versus the consensus. Obviously Zhang Fei is better on paper, but I have found Aouda to be extremely handy especially with all of the over healers. Either way, both have their uses in certain situations.

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