Aoe heroes


so i’ve only been around about a month but i see people constantly hate on AOE heroes. usually because A. they are slow to charge and B. they are far less useful against titans
so what if there is a slight adjustment to them. lets use a raid as an example.
currently bob does 150% to all enemies regardless of whether there are 5 enemies or 1. what if instead, if there are only 4 enemies left his damage bumps a little. my thought was like 15% for every less enemy there is. so 165% at 4 enemies down to 210% when against 1 enemy.
they would still be slow mana gain but would be a bit more viable against titans.
but, would this homogenize the game too much? or be too game breaking? maybe only 10% each tier? or maybe i’m crazy and should shut my piehole.


I was just thinking about this the other day; I used to play a ccg that worked similarly. It would be difficult to get the balance just right for current AoE cards, but it would definitely make them more useful against titans which most players would like.


When I was a heavy skittleskull user I swear that when he fired on one enemy vs. multiple he did more damage - and 50% is sticking out in my head. Maybe next time I farm I will swap him in and confirm or deny.

Edit: denied, I was wrong. Did between 480 - 535 on 3 people, and 514 on one.

Chao still stinks, and I have two :slight_smile:


They have their uses, namely world map, challenge events, quests.
Increasing their damage depending on the enemy count would, to an extent, further trivialise those single hitters who already struggle to get taken seriously. (Lookin’ at you, Chao.)

I cringe at having to use Li Xiu against a purple titan or in a raid, but she made the pirate event a breeze, and powers through the map.


X1,000,000 on Chao - they need to way up his mana cut to make him useful. 25% delays it like 1 turn.


I really like the suggestion made here for Aoe heroes! Their slowness is already bad enough, focussing damage on remaining heroes to a certain extend would make them more interesting.

Speaking of Aoe heroes and Chao, I need to decide between ascending Chao to tier 4 or Justice to tier 3. I already have Wu Kong ascended and I need a second yellow hero. I mostly care about titan fights. Should I ascend Chao or Justice, or wait for a better yellow hero?


I’d ascend Justice and pray to the rng gods for ascension items


How many ascension items do you have for each?


For ascending yellows, I currently have 6 orbs, 2 compasses, 0 gloves, 4 poison darts, 2 tome of tactics, and 3 damascus blades.


For 4* Yellow, you need:

  • 442k food, 1 compass, 1 gloves, 3 chainmail shirts, 4 orbs of magic

For 5* Yellow, you need:

  • 708k food, 1 Damascus blade, 1 Tome of Tactics, 4 Orbs of Magic, 6 Poison Darts

I think it is easier to farm chainmail and get 1 glove than pull 2 more darts plus a Tome. Also, Chao’s fast 308% against a single enemy might work better than Justice’s slow 220% for Titans. Hmm…


I just like the way they are.
Some are more useful then others, but i just like that different cards have different use and some specials are more effective in different contests.

You really don’t know how much i liked to have my maxed Colen on the event.


It goes without saying, “keep both cards!”

Thanks @Elpis


Hard decision but I think I’ll ascend Justice. I love the buzzing sound of her special and blindness is just more fun than mana cut :grin:. Plus Justice as a tank is nasty to beat in raids, and in challenge events or hard quests, I might be better off with Justice…


Personally I hate Chao. Just a very unimpressive hero. I’d also ascend Justice off the two, as I find Chao a waste of Orbs. Would rather not use a yellow at all than waste resources on him :stuck_out_tongue:


I started with Hu Tao for my Holy 4*, and then got Chao.
I prefer Chao for raids and for Titans. I’ve had Chao save my bait on raids plenty of time - stopping that enemy from releasing his special for long enough to kill him. Makes the difference in close fights. Hu Tao (and other slow mana) I find get killed off before they have had time to fill.

Similarly with Titans - they just take too darn long to charge.

Map levels I’m neither here nor there, but probably prefer Chao on the higher/tougher levels as single hit heros can take out individual enemies faster, which drastically lowers the heat on your team. This means fewer battle items consumed, and chance for you to charge up to face the next batch. (For easy map levels, it doesn’t make much difference… the enemies drop like flies in any event.)

I’ll take Chao over slow AOE Holy any day.