Anzogh vs perfect riposte

Twice now I have seen Anzogh attack and not receive and damage from an active repost. I understand he will heal 20% of total damage, but he should be recieving 110% damage back from the 3 heroes he hit.

Are you sure there wasn’t dispeller or your riposte end before Anz shoot?

For me everything looks correct

He killes himself in 2 more raids.

Try found him and if this will happen again send help ticket in
Options -> support -> support


I wasn’t sure the first time, but the second time I was sure. I will attempt to get a video next time.
Ty for your reply

I have Anzogh and Wilbur… when the enemy has perfect repose or another similar like Elena special activated… I do Wilbur + Anzogh in that order… not only I don’t receive any damage to Anzogh… but also he is able to heal more than the VIT points he lose for taking the perfect repose. So, that is my way to take down boril… elena… cipriano when I can’t debuff them.

Ty, I’ve seen that situation as well, very cool indeed. Aegir works well for that to

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