Anzogh vs Marjana (Puss and lion ignored) and other doubts

Hello again:
I was wondering, a general tread for ascension doubts would be a cool idea or moderators’ hell.
Meanwile, here are my doubts, thanks to all the helpfull comunity members that read this kind of threads.
When considering my questions, please bear in mind I’m F2P.
Question n° 1 I want to ascend a red. Contenders are:

Is my first option, other reds are:

Other ascended heroes and projects (ignoring 3☆):

My legendary future options (lack of mats for everithing but blue, if nothing better comes he will ascend eventually). Note that Ursena is already maxed.

My game prefferences. I don’t care about raids, nor competing on events/tournaments. I enjoy titans, alliance wars, farming coins (Atlantis, events, costumes, SIII).
Question n° 2 I want to improve my war deffense team with the 5☆ red adition.
Now is like this:

Many thanks in advance, any idea is welcomed.


Fwiw I’m not f2p and am maxing a 2nd marjana since no gm this atlantis, she’s pretty valuable red imo

Versatile as in good on defense and offense, bt at +15 can serve as your red healer as well as anzogh but without the cost of 6 rings, at least for now

Puss n boots seems ok but i don’t have him though minion heroes seem meh for titans in general which is where you said main interest was(granted marjana isn’t stellar for titans but with emblems does achieve a decent attack stat almost up to azlar base attack stat but she brings more versatility, durability, and reliability)

Puss or marj would be the 2 I’d decide between and if AW is the make or break point, i would go marjana so you can start working some fast mana into the front 3 of the defense while ALSO bringing a reliable longevity red to offense…

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This make me feel good, I already try with hundred pulls Atlantis, No GM, no Clarissa either :cry:
Then I ascend Marjana. Well without GM is not end of the world though,… Thanks :muscle:

To OP I agree with @Rigs, Marjana is great, I already see in Youtube player using Marjana, great sniper.
But, Puss n Boots is also great,… Healer with minion, but I think BT can handle for a while, so sniper is the better choice.

Ty for the answers. My roster balance (thus the pictures) makemy discard Puss, as I don’ have other summoners.

Well my plan right now is use marjana in my 2nd red team since i like going healer + aoe + sniper in each set of 3 heroes per team(run mono so other 2 heroes vary a bit)

But i may try double marjana in 1 team as well, maybe one day 3 marjana :rofl::rofl:

But yea I’ve always liked marjana. She’s not as good great as lianna or magni or joon or sartana

But she’s still best red 5* sniper in the game damage wise currently :man_shrugging:

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Probly left some stuff unanswered

Will try to come back to it after coffee

Thank you. In fact I should asked question n°3/ or 2.1 That would be have into account my other 5☆ and 4☆ sinergys for the ascension.

How do you form attack teams?

I’m havin a really hard time not giving advice that is mainly based on raids/wars btw but I’ll try to mainly think of titans and other pve stuff

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Thanks, pvp advices are also fine, but war oriented (that is why I displayed my roster too), so it is more difficult. :sweat_smile:
I absolutely love the combination: healer with attak up+pulverizer+AOE or mana controler (Proteus mainly) and healer with dispell or cleanse +AOE or mana controler.
I always play 3/2, being 3 strong against the tank, a healer in each colour and the other color being either strong agains double color/a dangerous enemy or neutral color against the tank.
I don’t seem to get the point of snipers, although I do play Caedmon/Melendor and Kiril/Sonya because I have not many more hitters in each colour.
Against the machine my fauvored team is Bt, Colen, CRidgard (regular if I need quick heal), Tib and Proteus. But on SII hard against AOE bosses I use Boril, Kiril instead of Bt Colen.

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