Anzogh Special Bug

Seems when Anzagh’s special goes off it a) takes no damage and b) removes the special of Elena’s special (Wall of Swords) - the counterattack

Hi @Dagreat1s, it would be very helpful if you could provide a video of the issue, or at least explain it in more detail. Which team was Anzogh on and which team was Elena on when this occurred?

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Yeah apologies about lack of detail, just noticed this when I was raiding.

I had Elena in my team and Anzagh was in the raid defense team (Username Pepi). My special of Wall of Swords was up, maybe only 1 or 2 turns. Then Anzagh’s Flaming Grudge Special went off and I was waiting for him to die with the counterattack damage, however not only did he not die, the counterattack buff on 3 of my players was also gone.

Did not have video of the time but will try and take this if I come across it again.

I see Sonya and Evelyn in your opponents team, who can dispel buffs.

Is it possible that one of them fired first and dispelled the counter-attack buff Elena casts?:thinking:


What davecozy said. They were dispelled no doubt by Sonya or evelyn.

Just noticed that myself. I’ve manually found a raid defense team and recreated the issue and it did not happen. It must have been dispelled and I had not noticed it (assuming Rigard with the heal).

Apologies and good catch :slight_smile:


We’re glad we could help straighten that out! I play with counterattacking heroes a lot, and it’s very frustrating when a dispel goes off before an AOE attack like Anzogh’s!

If you don’t mind, could you mark @DaveCozy’s response as the solution so that others know your issue has been resolved?

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Done :slight_smile: thanks :heart_decoration:


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