Anzogh - Goblin up the emblems or just Orkward? 🩸

Aegir is also who I target with reds in war! Wilbur + BT + AoE is a great option if you can charge before the enemy flanks wreak havoc.

I’ve never considered that, good knowledge!

He’s superb on rush attack and I’d miss him there, but that’s pretty niche compared to wars, events, trials and the increasing difficulty of S3. Tyr and magni offer the better utility.


Congratulations. People will start liking Anzogh a lot more once they have seen a few tellu / vela teams (especially with a lvl 23 mana troop). Anzogh worked in replacing BT for me.


my mono red is

wilbur20, boldtusk18, anzogh6,marjana6 and mitsuko10

the synergy between wilbur, bold and anzogh is great! i mean, he still isnt amazing hero but heal from bt and anz with buffs is very decent, buying more time and combined with marjana and mitsuko really decimates the other team. i can remember maybe 3 times i lost when this team managed to fire all their specials.

for me anz didn’t replace boldie, synergy is very good. maybe falcon, but i don’t have him so doesnt really matter


I haven’t been able to test it yet since my Boldtusk was locked into non-costumed form because of the recently ended raid tournament, but I’m going to try attacking Telluria tanks with Costumed Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Anzogh. That’ll give me two heavily emblemed Monks and one hero who is immune to Telluria’s mana slow. The other two will depend on the rest of the defense, but I’ll likely to get another Cleric out there and a cleanser. Rigard and Ariel obviously come to mind, as they fit both categories.


Congrats on the awesome pulls @JonahTheBard!! I see it was you who received my Tyr by mistake! Should I open a ticket with SG about this horrible travesty?

Being serious he’s quite helpful in a red stack with Wilbur and not too shabby with costumed/original BT either.
Funnily enough I pulled dupe Anzogh when he was 1st HotM and didn’t really give him mich though for emblems. It’s mostly my fault as I used to put too much stock into what the word on the forums was. But he will be a great addition to your team and I think you will be quite happy with him. Congrats on the great summons again.


Ah man, I’m sorry. I’ve levelled him up for you.

Let me hang on to him until he’s got s few emblems, then he’s all yours, I promise :crossed_fingers:


So true. I have found a successful counter to Telluria with a 3-2 set up. Anzogh has that resit mana slow for backup, Grazul will fire just in time to stop the jeans, vela, and gravys, and mitusko will clean up Vela or Finley nicely. Then I throw in the Khiona/Seshat combo to boost Anzogh. Solid strategy imo


Lol, ok deal. I’ll wait patiently here in my armchair gently twiddling my thumbs :rofl:


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