Anzogh - Goblin up the emblems or just Orkward? 🩸

I pulled Anzogh from Atlantis and as a vvvC2P, I’m delighted.

I was also blessed with Sumi and the magnificent Tyr.

Having read around Anzogh, I’m aware he’s not universally popular. I’m going to max him regardless, so would love some advice on how and where to use him with my current mix and how to distribute emblems.

Previous red mono team

New reds

Current wizards

Current fighters - if Anzogh broadly replaces BT or colen, can this allow me to free up more fighter emblems for tyr and magni?


Would replace colen and boldtusk with anzogh and tyr

I’m actually a fan of anzogh personally especially paired with a slow like elena or azlar, he gives provides the damage and the slight heal needed to do 2 things

Give them a better chance to fire
Make it more likely for their special to be the finishing blow of multiple enemies

Your red mono will improve with the new synergy you have at hand

1 support(Wilbur)
1 avg mana heal(anzogh)
2 fast damagers
Double wide aoe(anzogh + elena)

Is pretty good synergy in mono

Just my opinion.

Tyr is probly the obvious choice for defense so emblems i would spread to anzogh just like you have your other wizards

Minimum node 5
Wouldn’t go higher than node 7 until all your currently used 5* wizards are at node 7

If still using 4s, i would probly prioritize getting them to node 14-18 then come back to your 5s, depending on the hero those nodes are where i see the most noticeable difference with 4s

Idk what your defense situation is. Are you using a wizard in defense?

For fighter, i would prioritize tyr. Anzogh replacing BT works well for me but idk if it will for you. If it does then I’d have no issue resetting BT and Colen then dumping those emblems into magni, tyr, and elena

Of course again if runin tyr in defense he would get the lion’s share but that’s also due to how our alliance decided to prioritize war defense for emblems and tower it up then spread them out once our defense heroes are capped

Btw double heals is actually pretty solid in mono as well but more so if you can fire 2 in 9 tiles or less but i just noticed you have no lvl 23 mana troops so doesn’t matter in this case(though if you get bt costume, i would probly run with bt+anz instead of wilbur+anz)

Would test anz+bt instead of wilbs + bt before moving any emblems btw to see which u like better

Btw I’ve had 2 pots of coffee in less than an hr so a little jacked…apologies for the rambling scatter brained response…


Magic, thanks @Rigs

I’m parked with a Justice tank at the moment, but should more scopes arrive, I’d consider switching to Richard now I have Tyr as a possible flank instead of Dom/Sartana


What’s the entire lineup just out of curiosity?

Side note: jealous of the tyr pull…


I use Boldie (+20 now), Wilbur +4, Falcon +7, Anzogh +1 and Scarlett +10 in almost every raid, except against Vela :upside_down_face:


It’s fluid, as I have an overabundance of slow tc20, but two variations I use are

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Why so many slow if you don’t have to?

Would probly tank justice

And if ur spreadin embs anyways then a tyr and sartana wings with evelyn and magni flanks is probly how I’d go or even flank sartana and wing magni(which i know u lose the def coverage of 3 and it gets reduced to 2 here but that’s not all that bad. Magni has low defense, would put 2 fighters in wings with self revive, he still hits hard like any other blue snipe, wing gives him better chance at survival and possibly eating an additional war flag, just my 2 cents though…)


My mono red is Boldtusk, Khagan, G. Falcon, Elena, Wilbur

Elena would be replaced by Anzogh to increase their survivability and to not let Elena (with her poor defense) being the target for snipers, lowering the overall sturdiness.

  1. I would replace Boldtusk just if I were to draw Zimkitha

No heroes in my lineup can cleanse but just convert status effects and as they all relies on direct damage a single hero that could lower their attack would result in a serious risk.

  1. I would replace Khagan if I were to land G. Kong to lower the whole team’s mana speed to Average AoE hitters.

Now, your team:
Boldtusk, Wilbur and Anzogh could become your safety nets and the core of your team, Tyr and Elena could become your Finishers in the case of your other heroes’ death.

Tyr would need the emblems, in the case he would be charged at the same time of Boldtusk, Wilbur and Anzogh fire him as last: he can ignore Wilbur’s shared damage and lead you to kill a key hero.

Emblems: I would give my fighter Emblems to Tyr but I would give your emblems Proteus, Isarnia or Sartana.


I doesn’t seem to make a noticeable difference to my cups :man_shrugging:t3:. I raid pretty aggressively up to 2600 most days and at that level, most revenges are successfull against either set up.

I assume that either people get past Justice and then it’s fairly straightforward, or she fires and it goes horribly wrong, in which case Isarnia and Elena are very troubling.


Thanks @FraVit93

Wizards always seem to be the most difficult competition. I wish one of them was a sorcerer!


You got the wrong Italian :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m always thinking wars lol


Congrats on your new heroes.

I also pulled Anzogh yesterday and he’s only my fourth 5* (and my first red) so it’ll be a while before I get him up there.

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Desolato, my friend

I hold you both in high esteem

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Read your edit.

I like that… I’ll give it a try when they’re ready

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I know jack-all about how to use Anzogh. I just came here to rec the excellent word play in the title! Congrats on your pulls, Jonah.


I have Anzogh maxed as my 1st 5*, and not regret. I have Marjana and Grazul still sit in 3.70.
My red combo is: BT-Wilbur-Falcon-Anzogh-last one is depend on opponent and fun to use variety (Colen/Grazul/Scarlett/Kelile).
Some times in raid offense, if needed 3-2 or something, I bring BT-Anzogh for savety durable sturdy heal.
And he is currently my tank, and hold in diamond. But later I will change it to Ursena or Telluria after one of those are maxed… still need 1 more tabard and 4 tonics.

Congrats on your lucky pull, jeolous for your Tyr :grinning:


Interesting, how many emblems does he have and what’s the rest of your defence line up?

Only +3, because I need for my Proteus, and I plan to give emblem to Kiril instead of him.
If you click my profile background photo, there is my current raid defense.

He is sturdy at +3, enough for me at moment.

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Upon seeing the title I literally thought, ‘I wonder if this thread is by Jonah…’

@JonahTheBard, congratulations! I am extremely happy for your good pulls! I have Anzogh and recently maxed him because it had been long enough (I pulled him upon initial release), in anticipation of him being an anti-Telluria option, and because I had no other red option to work on (even at the three / four star level). So I have been using him a bit and am actively looking for more opportunities for him. He is decent! I agree with those who say he isn’t amazing, but I think they go too far in saying he’s bad. It’s just a matter of finding the right team synergy and conditions for him.

Raid Tournament

Our most recent raid tournament was five stars, no ice, buff booster. Anzogh made the field a few times - a full team four turn non-dispellable buff is valuable, even if the ice defense does nothing. I put him out a few times in a 3/2 red/purple team with Boldtusk, Wilbur, Seshat, and Costumed Rigard. That’s notable for the following reason: I left Gravemaker on the bench.


I’ve also found that threesome to be a useful core for a war flag. One situation where they’re been especially effective is against Aegir tanks (I mostly see blue tanks - this team fares better against Aegir than Richard / Magni / etc.). They have good survivability and I have time to charge them against a passive tank, Wilbur flips Aegir’s buff, and while it isn’t a team kill I can usually then either use a hero from my minor stack or some tiles to get a kill somewhere. After engineering that situation I’m often ahead by a hero or two and / or my health is much better than theirs given the double heals. N.B. I’ve had a lot of success with his despite them being the weak element (those reds have to go somewhere in war / I run out of greens at some point).


I don’t think I would strip any of your current Wizards; as you noted it is a crowded class. From the ones you posted I’m guessing you lean heavily on those in various situations. I think they’re all strong candidates, so they should keep them.

Anzogh should get at least the first node as soon as you can give it to him. Since Jinx procs on opposing buffs, firing him behind Wilbur has extra synergy with his talent. It looks like you’re spreading emblems out - I’d just continue that.

I’ll address Fighter emblems later on.

Red Mono

I don’t see any way you can deny Tyr the field as he is probably now your strongest red. The goal should be to keep as much of the team intact until you make 10 red tiles. At that points I really want to fire Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Anzogh. Between the two of them you should get a pretty good heal. That leaves one spot open.

I think you have two options:

  1. Try to rely on the speed of Tyr and someone else (in this case Scarlett) to survive until you get the heals.

  2. Coax the red tiles and then destroy the opponent. Either Elena or Colen seem to fit here.

Partly I think the question is one of play style - I’d favor the slow option as it’s more powerful, fun, and you know I respect Elena as a tank option more than most. The riposte is neutered thanks to Wilbur, but I guess we’re relying more on the AoE component of her skill. I guess I’d experiment a little before finalizing my emblem plan to make sure it all worked satisfactorily.

Either way kind of makes Colen the odd man out. I’d strip him unless you use him heavily in events / tournaments / war / titans. I’d definitely want to, as you have solid fighter options elsewhere (Tyr, Elena, Magni).


Lastly, I see your your mana troop doesn’t yet hit any breakpoints. If you are fortunate enough to pull Boldtusk’s costume then that level 6 troop will shave off a tile for him when it’s maxed. Getting the first heal in one (or more) move earlier is a pretty big difference and would make me even more inclined to opt for the slow play on that last team spot.


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