Anzogh Bug

I was just in revenge match when Anzogh in enemy team used special and he didnt do any dmg or heal any allies. Dont have images or video becouse i didnt expect that to happen.
He was on far right. my team had vivica special that buffs deff also 2 links were active Evelyn’s and Kingston’s link.

Well, if you had def up and Anzogh brutally down with the atk debuff from Kingston, it is very possible the damage he dealt was too insignificant to notice. And of course, the healing factor almost non-existent.

What other heroes did you use?

Gravemaker and Mitsuko. Kingston de buff wasent placed on him there was 2 sides they were on far right and i used kingston on other 2 on far left

Did you really see Anzogh fire?

Are you sure you do not hit him with Mitsuko cutting his mana so he didn’t fire?

What opponent team u faced? Is there black knight there that able to absorb AOE only to him and makes the damage become 1 point?

Update: give screenshot of opponent team and your team. Let netizens do the analysis and possibility

The Anzogh belong to the opponent…

My Team and the enemy team sc

Mitsuko and Kingston were used on left flanks Kunchen was dead.


I did see him fire and there werent any de buffs on him. It make my raid easy but had to report it

The oposite Kingston and Onatel had Kingston de buff

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