ℹ Anzogh – 5* Fire/Red - Apr 2019 HotM

I tried 2 of them LB 1 20 emblems, was not impressed. Damage and heal is ok, but their stats are so low compared to power creep of late that they die too easily at this point. My 2 Anzogh have kind of become irrelevant after S5 and the buff hasn’t changed that, was hoping for more but buffs don’t fix stat gaps. If you LB 2 they could get some more use but they will still quickly age out as power keeps increasing. If you have other newer options, look elsewhere.

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Oh man, even anzogh himself is such a defeatist…

I wanted to be more excited after the buff, but when they kept dying in raids I knew it wasn’t going to work… my typical war targets are 5400-5700 so if he couldn’t handle similar raids, really due to survivability, then I knew they would stay benched.

If you typically fight weaker teams, then perhaps they will have some more use. The damage output is too high though fighting that range or higher.

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Damage needs to be a bit higher & stats increase r defo needed to make this guy relevant again.

Full att patch, even with 2lb he it’s dying really quick and you can’t do anything with him, so yes this buff it was again nothing to help to him.

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Catch 22 !! U need the increased health & def to stay alive but also decent attack to be relevant & increase healing from the special. Something will suffer. It’s usually attack with Anzogh so increased attack stat is a must with him. Surprised they didn’t increase his stats more seeing as he’s in the FS. Or is there a costume coming & the eyes lit up with pound/dollar signs!! Increased costume stat bonus, Anzogh is relevant again !!

Could it be the health, just almost 1.7k health for a 2lb hero is really bad. A defence like that is decent enough to survive stuff.
I always thought you do pure def/health for wizards unless it’s all out attack, as jinx can compensate for the lack of firepower

Those double LB stats he could survive ok for what I do, but that’s a lot of investment to double LB a hero for stats similar to decent single LB heroes… Given that is also his ceiling it is way too much to invest in current state, 2lb materials are too rare for this kind of use.

Don’t worry, they’ll release a costume with a special that’s 99% the same but increases stats 20%/20%/35%, so you can spend more and pay for your buff.

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The costume will have to be 300% damage to all plus boosted health increase from 50% of damage done !!! Plus the costume bonus he’ll be at 1150, 1050, 2250 stat wise !! Then u get your wallets out & then the lightbulb moment occurs !! ‘They did it again!’ Hopefully the realisation occurs b4 the wallet opens !! Familiar pattern but it is hit & miss with the costume specials. Sometimes they r really well thought out & desirable, Hel & Perseus for instance then there’s the Frigg , Fogg & Odins of the world !! Nuff said !! Like everything today we just want consistency across the board. Make costumes desirable & worth it & make the costume bonuses equal also across the board.

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Ok, but I think it is hard to get that costume. Isn’t it?

Right now I’d say impossible !! :sweat_smile: