Anyway to delete unwanted troops

HAHAHA its the

That leads us to our experince :slight_smile:

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Oops, i was replying to you instead of OP.
I’m missing 1 4* troop for a rainbow team. Yet, i have 4 4* troops for purple! I made the rookie mistake of feeding several 4* troops in at least red and yellow!

So, to answer what I’ve personally done with my blue troops, which is the one I’m missing a 4* is, to level it with 2 and 1* troops but save all 3* for when i get my blue 4*.
You’ve been playing longer than i have though. So you probably have more knowledge than i do.


Hmmm… general rule I try to follow when leveling troops, is that if you have a stockpile of feeders, always feed 1* first, get to the 2* next, and finally use the 3* feeders. This is the most “food efficient” way, because at higher levels, feeding away one 1* troop costs the same amount of ham as feeding one 3* troop, but gives far less experience.


@TheRealTexasPeach, there are some really good ideas in this thread. I would add that troops are especially important for war/raids because they add increased damage/mana/healing etc to your heros. Keep upgrading that barracks! Whenever you’re ham rich and have no heroes close to ascention feed those troops!

Thanks so much!! Great advice… I was getting frustrated because i cldnt tell which troop was which - even after favoriting!! So i thought it would be easier to delete the others. But what you all are saying makes sense.
Thanks again!!!

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Just a quick correction here:

P(at least one 4* per month) = 1 - P(no 4*)
= 1 - (.9)(.9)
= 0.19

Small change, but makes it almost two months longer to 99% confident

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