Anyone use multiples?

Does anyone use two of the same hero in combat?
I just splurged and did a 10 pull of purple. Didn’t get any 5* but I got a second rigard, and two tiburtus and two cyprian. Part of me wants to level the second rigard for my defense team. But I also think that raising two tiburtus for Titan fighting would be good, no?

I use two of the same color all the time. I’m sure I’m not the only one. And I’m totally jealous of your Tiburtus twins! :grin:

Oh yeah, I will use two of the same color, usually just for Titan battles, but I mean two of the same hero. Using both tibertus or both rigards.

I have two Scarlett’s and two LiXiu, but the twin of each isn’t ready yet to play with. Personally I think two Tiburtus might be more fun. :wink:

It depends on the ability of the hero and your other available stuff.
I run 2xCaedmons against blue Titans and in some raids.

I wouldnt run 2xRigards, but 2xTibertus might be ok if you have a healer in another color and dont have better purple strikers.

Yeah I probably wouldn’t run both rigards, except maybe on defense. The two of them with boril in between might be maddening.

I remember when I first started a guy had put just a high leveled rigard on defense by himself. The bastard was healing so often I couldn’t get his HP to drop until around move 30 when you start getting the damage boost.

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Just imagine what two Domitias would do to a yelow titan. That would be awesome!

If you’re only two strong hitters (fast or ave attack specials), then you’d absolutely want to use them in a raid if they’re strong vs tank. (e.g. two sonya/grimm vs Red, two Tibs vs Yellow). Same with titan.

I have seen it rarely on defense teams and usually it has failed. I use duplicate colors in many situations, but never 2 same hero.

Rigard and tibertus duplicates are a bad idea. If you attack they get both mana same time. So you will be double healing, double dispelling, double debuffing (they don’t stack) or need to wait to launch the other not to over heal or waste a debuff.

It could be useful with pure damage dealers.

Btw. 2 healer defense teams are a generally a bad idea too. Those lead fast to a situation where the 2 healers are only ones alive, they didn’t get to heal before all damage dealers were dead. Then they can’t win because they don’t do any damage, especially if attacker has a healer alive too.

Wouldn’t use duplicates in my defence team, but would in attack if the situation was alright for it.
I have duplicate Li Xiu, Grimm and Peters, however at this point only one of each is usable. I hate holy heroes, not going to hold my breath on getting Joon so I would double up Li Xiu on a dark titan as her base attack is decent enough. Peters’ silence ability is too handy not to double up with now and then.

I also rolled 10x dark yesterday as I had no damage dealers in that colour, and ended up with Domitia and Tiburtus, can’t wait to hit a holy titan with those. Not really relevant, I’m just excited and telling everyone.

What about those tank healers in center ie. Boldtusk? I agree with your statement if they are positioned off to the side though.

I would run 2 Tibertus vs a yellow titan or a raid that runs a tough yellow (or double yellow) center.