Anyone there? - message bug

I was playing a knights of avalon level on auto, when a “is anyone there” message came up and then I was kicked out for inactivity. In the middle of a battle.

Surely a game where both the player and opponents are attacking each other every few seconds must count as active, even on auto?

This happened to me recently, and to @Garanwyn once too.

I suggest you contact Support about it.

Apparently I’ve imagined it. Support said:

"There are currently no known issues or bugs in the game related to what you are reporting.

In general, technical issues affecting the game are not limited to a single account, but if there were a bug, it would affect a significant amount of accounts. In these cases, the issues are noticed quickly by both our team and our players, who report them to us through the Forum and Support System."

Edited to add…although to be fair I’ve only seen this once so far.

Don’t be disspiritted, it was probably a temporary connection interruption that didnt resolve quickly enough. I’ve had the same thing occur but my networks can be finicky.
Try running a scan on your device for malware that could be interrupting signals or slowing processes to be sure.

That happens when you go idle & not playing or taking too long posting a message… Perhaps your “autoplay” was clicked on by accident…

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