Anyone revisiting hard mode Ursena just for fun?

Hello. I was just wondering if anyone has gone back to hard mode Ursena just for fun, or to test their game skills?

Of course, using loot tickets does not count lol

The only fun I had facing Ursena was when I looted her treasure trove after I took her out. I think if I go again it’ll be empty so I dont think I’ll be doing that.


Thought about it Already a few times but Always some We to spend on other quests.
Maybe i’ll do it during next atlantis.
Still, beating her in hard is not that long ago for me, so it Will still be a struggle with the same team :slight_smile:

For one, I did it for a specific thread, to show how easy is with a mono red 4*.


I actually thought about offering a gift card to my alliance team member who finished Ursena on Hard the fastest.

But life has been too busy for me to even consider putting extra time into the game than I already do.


If I ever pull Lady of the Lake I’ll totally pay Ursena another visit. Just to see her never gaining mana :laughing:

Yes, I visited her a couple of times just for fun. we tied 1- 1 :sweat_smile:


Hi, Peach! Can I just have the gift card? Lol just joking. You should definitely organize such a contest! I will be totally down for it!

Haha! You should definitely give it one more try and make it 2-1!

Hmm, I still did not kill her on Hard, and I am raising Elena - she should be maxed in week. That reflect of hers could be useful. Otherwise Boldtusk, Falcon, Wilbur and Rigard should join the fun (and hopefully Rigard or Boldtusk with costume).

Someone gave me an idea to other thead, just few minutes ago. I will try to beat her with 3 epic heroes on hard mode. I will record it, of course. I will use probably BT, Wilbur and Falcon.


I did to create an education video for some of my alliance members.

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Would you mind sharing the link here? I would love to see it.

You are going to take on Ursena hard mode with just 3 four-star heroes? I applaud your courage. Please record the video!


Thanks! Much appreciated. I will give it a watch shortly. Just a quick question from first glance: why did you bring Sabina? I assume you brought her for her dispel special and you did not have Melendor?

I have melendor maxed now, at the time he was still at 3/60 (didnt need him any… only maxed him cause I got the costume).

I actually probably (even now) would use Sabina for the colour stack with Proteus.

I see. I just think that Melendor may do more tile damage since he’s not affected by Ursena’s color. But if he was not maxed then yea, probably not a good choice.

Haven’t even thought of her since I beat her the first time around

Too hard with only 3 epic heroes… Only with super board in part 2 is possible, but the puzzle doesn’t come as we want. I succeeded 3/4 of her HP at most.

It is hard even with 4 heroes, but with items is doable:


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