Anyone reached 1% rank in the tournaments at the end without using 75 Gems?

Had a bad run this time around but Im in the 1% and continued once. So a total of 7 losses. I think my saving grace was Ive had an A every day in defense

When your def has an A grade, it is possible!

Most weeks, yes. I find the hardest one for me is rush 5* because it revolves so much around luck.

This was a few weeks ago with 1 loss


that’s awesome @ffphier

I would reply to this post. But I don’t have the screenshot proof that the originator of this topic demands. :roll_eyes:

If I were to give my intended response, it would be that I have finished in the top 1% without needing to buy back in twice. I remember this happening twice because I rarely emblem my heroes so competing at such a high level effectively for a tourney (losing less than 4 matches) is really unexpected.

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I have been there a couple of times, generally buying the continue helps you a little bit, more than anything if you defense is doing really well.

  1. Dont give up in the matches that will probably be a lost. Its better to score a 100 than a 0.

  2. Your defense score matters. It adds to the final scoring.

  3. I will buy a continue if i see my defense is doing really well and that i had really bad luck but still im capable to score in the top 1 / 5, its worth it.

im in the top 1% in this tournament without buying a continie, (i lost the last fight but there werent more fights to do anyways)


The “…most of the time none” part is overkill. In my experience, if you have a perfect tourney, you should end up top10 of very close to it. My best finish is 4th overall in a very-fast 5* tournament… and I did lose one time! If my math were ok, only the winner had zero loss that time. One player!

So I don’t think “most” of the leaderboard has 0 defeat. Just saying.

(Sure, it must happens a little bit more in some tourneys…)

No screen shots, but here are the nine times I’ve finished in the top 1% per my personal record keeping.

Raid Tournament
Date Num Prev Hero Troop Element Special Win Bat Win% Def Rank Per Laurels Rank
11-Apr 2 3-Star 2-Star NA Buff Boost 14 18 78% B Top 1% 1% 10,335 9,300
10-Jun 8 4-Star 3-Star NA Bloody 22 25 88% C Top 1% 1% 16,096 11,547
30-Dec 37 6 4-Star 3-Star NA Buff Boost 20 24 83% C Top 1% 1% 16,495 7,235
24-Feb 44 13 5-Star 4-Star No Holy Rush Attack 18 22 82% A Top 1% 1% 17,048 6,843
23-Mar 48 17 4-Star 3-Star No Dark Rush Attack 22 25 88% C Top 1% 1% 17,325 1,343
1-Jun 58 27 4-Star 3-Star No Ice Bloody 23 25 92% A Top 1% 1% 18,843 454
24-Aug 70 39 5-Star 4-Star No Ice Rush Attack 22 25 88% D Top 1% 1% 17,460 5,601
2-Nov 80 48 4-Star 3-Star No Dark Rush Attack 22 25 88% A Top 1% 1% 19,020 136
7-Dec 85 53 4-Star 3-Star No Dark Bloody 23 25 92% B Top 1% 1% 19,193 357

I don’t know, i just speculated.
There’s 1 million players, it wouldn’t be so strange 50 of them every tournament get a perfect score in attack.

There you go, it’s the ongoing tournament

Atm top2000 :slight_smile:


Yeah. Was my thought too. Until that day when I saw I could finish top5 with one strike.

A perfect tournament is one hell of a feat. Don’t think I’ll ever do it.

@b4sh1n , Awesome job Marcus.

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I never use gems in my raid tourney. If i lost so be it :sweat_smile:

Last rush tourney i did pretty good and finished at top 1% despite losing 3x. To be honest I rarely finished at 1%… in fact my last 3 tourney before that were ended on the 3rd day

Here is my proof lol

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I was top 5% despite not buying back
Lost 3x

But my def was an E

I pretty frequently get top 1% without using gems. I’ll didn’t this last tournament, but I’ll post screens next time it happens.

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Not sure this will hold up until the end of the tourney, but here’s where I am right now:

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First time. Without emblems its hard

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I have 4 attacks left to do. I’ll end up in the 1%


Sorry, sorry, I haven’t done tournaments in a while so I shouldn’t even be posting in this thread… I just can’t help but chuckle at some of the comments…

“Top 1% is so easy a caveman could do it! Anyone and everyone can get there!”

Everyone except for the 99% who didn’t, you mean. :rofl:


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