Anyone reached 1% rank in the tournaments at the end without using 75 Gems?

Hi all,

Maybe there is already a topic about this.
But, i was wondering if anyone reached the 1% ranking in tournaments without using the 75 gems fee to continue.
Proof with screenshots or it didn’t happen.

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Many times, including this one:

Every tournament has its own thread, and you can see there people posting their final score and loot. Every time there are at least few who finished with less than 4 defeats. :slight_smile:


At the moment 17:3 in the running tourney and top 1%

Gonna tell you tomorrow if I finished in top 1% without rebuy

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Probably HALF of all players in top 1% EVERY tournament don’t use gems to buy back in :grin:
That’s a strange topic :grin:


You actually can’t be in the leaderboard if you use gems for continue.

So every single person in the leaderboard in every tournament has lost at best 1 or 2 battles, most of the time none.


That makes sense @Elpis.
But i reached the 1% ranking with the buyin in the past.

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Same here, though I didn’t do very well this time on Offense:

I also wasn’t attacked the first day, so while I got straight A’s on the other days, I got a C for Day 1.

I did much better in the last 4* Rush Attack:


Don’t be shy, just 3 defeats are still very good. :grinning:

Well done! :+1::muscle:

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1% is totally possible and very likely to happen.

Many that get 4 defeats (and do not spend those 75 gems) usually miss the last battles, so it actually like you lost more then 4.

But to get in the leaderboad you need many points, and defence alone is not enough.
Many defeats don’t grant points enough to pop up in top 100, so using the continue option meaning you lost at least 4 battles.

With 4 losses you are not going in top 100, so everyone in top 100 have lost less then 4 (and probably less then 3 if not 2)

I don’t have screenshots, but it’s happened at least twice for me - by not being knocked out at all (so fewer than 4 defeats), and by having an overall average A defense.


i am unlucky person. i throw in the towel in third day :slight_smile:

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@Elpis is talkng about the Leaderboard, not Top 1%.

Leaderboard would be like top 0.001%

I have made it to top 1% many times, but never got to the top 2000.

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I have not heard this before. Will you elaborate or link me to prior posts on it?

Do you really think you can be in the leaderboard losing 4 raids? (To use gems you have to lose at least 4)
I’ve been in the leaderboard 3 or 4 times, and i’ve lost 1 or 2 raids at max in all 5 days of tournament (and still place 50 to 80 position).

I also happen to lose once my 4th raid at the last day and last battle (so not used gems and completed all the battles) but i was quite far from the leaderboard even tho a B rank on defence.

You can’t be in the leaderboard if you lose 4 or more, and i suspect your defence must also perform well.


@Elpis might have more to say [EDIT: he posted as I did, and basically said the same], but from my own experience being on the Leaderboard a few times, and getting Top 1% most of the time, it’s quite difficult to get on the Leaderboard with more than 1 or 2 losses on Offense.

So that would effectively eliminate the possibility for someone who had 4+ losses.


I‘m off the leaderboard already (rank 112 atm) with 2 losses on Offense and all As so far on Defense. Especially in 4* tournaments, you can’t afford more than 1 loss imo to still end up on the leaderboard.


Ah I was being too literal. It’s not a rule, but more a “practicality”.

FWIW, I am in top 1% with three losses right now.


Most of the time i think so too.
1 loss is the limit for eventually show up in the leaderboard.

But from time to time you have some harsh tournaments where you can eventually afford to lose 2.

This was my best perfomance in a raid tournament.

4th place
25 wins
5x A grades on defense.

As many said, it’s perfectly possible to reach top1% without gems. I think a good score from defense is mandatory if you suffered 4 defeats and don’t want to spend gems.

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To be clear, there’s two different things here.

Top 1% is about 15k people.

Leaderboard is, IIRC, top 100.

There’s a huge difference there. But as some are saying, at a minimum, those 100 did so with no continues.


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