Anyone noticing less backpack drops from S2 1-9 Hard

After the class update I’m noticing consistently less than .37 pack drops in S2 1-9 Hard. Anyone else noticing less drops since?

Edit: my upload speed here isn’t great so I’ll post my screenshots elsewhere and link here once I’ve done enough runs.

Bad luck I am sure. It comes and goes

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Probably a case of bad luck. I’m still getting a plethora of them on 2-1-1. I’m running bad luck today with the swords. I keep getting the backpacks :pleading_face:

I never really noticed more backpacks in S2-1-*. I switched to farming areas that have crafting mats instead. IMO they should go the route of recruits and just put them as raid rewards, seems silly to farm since literally everyone needs an infinite supply.

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It is about 100x as likely that you had a bad run of luck than that it was nerfed.

  1. SG is very good about announcing changes like that in the release notes if they do them. (And they don’t do it often; The last time I’m aware that they changed farming drops was before I started playing in March 2018)
  2. Item drops are quite random. The long term average I see for 1:1-9H is 25 total ascension and crafting items dropped, with 3.7 backpacks per run, but the variability is large; I’ve seen runs with 1 pack and runs with 9 packs.
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I mean sure maybe I’m having a bad run. I’m still collecting data and screenshots, will compare pre update and post update percentages once I’ve done at least 50 runs. Pre update I never saw 2 pack drops, now I’m getting 2 packs just about every other go and have yet to get 5+ anymore whereas it wasn’t rare occurrence before. S2 1-9 Hard was the spot for packs, I’ve spent most of my WE here for the past 2-3 months and it was great for keeping my TC2 running. I never really farm elsewhere unless to fill chests. 8-7 loot drops were nerfed without indication before so I’m trying to figure out if this might be the case here without jumping the gun.

Y’all are welcome to send me some data too @shacita on Line. Maybe screenshot 10/10 runs just to add to my data. Thanks

I’ve done 3 runs on 18.9 hard, and each run has given me 7 backpacks…

Sounds great, wish I had the heroes to farm S2 Province 18 Hard.

Good info…Thanks a bunch!!

I dont track my packs or swords. Or anything else for that matter. I do know that before the second to latest update i had a stockpile of swords and packs and now im having to use free training. I also know that several others have told me they cant seem to get the 4 and 5 pack drops anymore. Backpacks and swords should be easy to attain since you will need them every day to lvl up. Ppl are all to fast to say ohhh its a dry spell they will come back. Ive ran through over 200 of each and farm daily. Thats more than a dryspell

To be clear, RNG gonna RNG as somebody said it, and the number of pack drops in a farming run will vary widely and will have long hot and cold streaks. Random’s supposed to do that, and seeing it doesn’t mean something has been nerfed!

Actually that’s pretty normal from what I’ve seen of farming. I’ve seriously studied where you can farm and what you get there, and one of these things applies to anybody who farms seriously.

  1. You run out of rugged clothes, swords, and backpacks, farming for recruits.
  2. You farm for backpacks, keep TC2 going, but don’t have enough recruits to use your swords, if you even have enough recruits to use your rugged clothes.
  3. You built up a surplus of some or all of the above earlier and are working your way through it.
  4. You buy WE refill(s) daily to farm more and exceed these limits. (I know players who do, and I believe food becomes your limiting factor if you do enough of this.)

I understand RNG and it’s role in this game, I also understand dry spells and luck seems to come in waves for me. Collaborating with another on data collecting. I’m still working on my collection but his might be presented here soon so keep an eye out. He has interesting finds on updated data that he’s continued to add to hotdamnmess’s collection.

I just ran through it and got 4, 15-10 on hard has been pretty good as well, plus the 26-28 recruits…can’t complain about that


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