Anyone notice Talent tokens replacing ascension/mats rewards

I have noticed that since these talent tokens have been introduced that the drop of ascension/mat items has decreased quite a bit especially the very much need 4* ones.

Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

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And you observed this after 3 weeks? How many 4* items do you usually receive in this period that you can observe a decrease in 4* mats?

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The topic has been pretty extensively explored here:

The consensus was, basically, not really.

It was a question based on our usual drop rate of these items with our alliance as a whole.

Me personally I have never gotten lucky with getting these to start with but what was noticed is the amount that have been awarded during coloured chests, titans etc which within our allience in general has decreased by about 50% in 4* mats being replaced by tokens.

This maybe just a coincidence ad I am sure it will be put that way and would be impossible to prove otherwise but it does change the question just to see if anyone has experienced or noticed the same thing.

After all what’s a forum for if not to ask questions.


Please see the linked thread above to continue discussion. This thread is a duplicate and will be closed. Thanks!

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