Anyone level up Obakan yet?

Sartana is much better overall and probably in raids specifically where Obakan is focused.

I wouldn’t over think this one; he’s widely deadpanned in my alliance as being free ham on raids, basically since his beta nerf (he had an armor debuff previously too) it isn’t worth spending tabards on unless you have nothing else.

You do. Thoth is a similar argument… alt got lucky on some tokens and pulled a Thoth last month, taking him to 70 but 80? Doubtful, really doubtful. That account will get a better purple someday.

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I have Sartana, Thoth and Obakan. Sartana is your choice hands down. Thoth is fun to play and better than Obakan in my opinion. I have both Thoth and Obakan near max 3rd Ascension and I doubt that I’ll use ascension items to bring them up to 4th. I have seen Thoth in higher level raids and he can be difficult to eliminate. His minions can really be a pain in your butt too. Obakan has never caused me trouble when I’ve been raiding regardless of his level/ascension. Sartana, well, She’s one of the premiere heroes in the game.

Thanks for the replies. It seems like such a waste to have all these 5 stars and find them useless. Wish I could trade them in for others. Like say, trade 4 x 5 stars for a 5 star of my choice. That would be a good game mechanic.

Or a minor summon with like… 5 other five star heroes. (Obviously, you get only one)

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oba is pretty cool for titan but I hope he gets a little boost on the 20 update. maybe super fast mana would make him more worth it.

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oba is pretty cool for titan but I hope he gets a little boost on the 20 update. maybe super fast mana would make him more worth it.

Obakan is right on the edge of being really good. When he first appeared I thought for sure he wasa hero to seek and train up, but that’s when I was in the cup range where deflect heroes worked pretty well. There are a few things about Obakan that do not make him the horrid mistake you find with some of the other cookable heroes. Obakan is fast and does splash damage. He also has really good tile strength for titans. If you have no other options right now and you have pulled him, he is a hero that you’ll use throughout your time in the game.

I did do a lot of summons and got other Dark heroes I found to be more useful, but if I had ascended Obakan, I still wouldn’t be upset that I had done so. Every single hero that comes out can’t be great. If they were, then they’d all be average. Obakan is a better than average hero in a field of great options.


obakan is my only 5* dark hero. full ascended, i play with him and i give him bleeding talent.

he’s not a god, not a trash too. usefull and his splash attack can be a good finisher.

his tile attack is correct too.

if i have droped Sartana in my TC20, obakan today would be at 3*70, for sure.

but i’m happy with him


After class system i shifted him with Quintus.
Glad i waited before working on him.

Obakan is the next purple 5* I will level. Mostly for titans, and for lack of Sartana. Still, he’s a 5 star. Nothing to scoff at.

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Well my Obakan transform himself in food for Boss wolf,so no Obakan anymore

This game is ever evolving/changing. Not keeping at least 1 of every 5 star hero no matter how useless they may appear is an incredible missed opportunity for the future of your teams.


not defensive heroes

i find okaban ok but a bit squshy & needs heal watching closely,recharge is fast, average damage made up for with reflecting attack & bleeding with the new skills set up. bit more buffing from the sheild side of the skill set should make him long term a decent semi splash hitter

I have obakan at 3-35 and he got his offense team place in war (mostly in gamble team with amoenna, tiburtus, rigard and wu). I like him, he killed a lot, mainly by reflecting though😁

I accidentally took him to 3-1. Wish I had those trap tools back for Kunchen…

All in all he is not horrible but I just have better options (Khiona, Victor, Kunchen).

okaban i found useless at level 3 & 4 … wasnt until 5/1+ he was of any use

Yeah I agree. He will sit for the foreseeable future. Occasionally he will get some war action but not often.

I had Obakan sitting on my bench at 3/70 for almost a year before maxing him, having other purple heroes higher on the list.
I mainly use him for war offense and have no regrets spending tabards on him, but like many other 5* heroes he have to be maxed to shine.
He is good, but in tough competition with many great purple heroes, not one of the first options if having more to choose from.

I have him maxed, he was my only 5* purple at the time. He gets better at 4/50 but not my first choice. Now i occasionally play khiona and obakan together if i run against some yellow tanks. Im lucky enough to have her maxed now and trained 2xs with my new shiny rogue coins.

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