Anyone level up Obakan yet?



Wondering if anybody’s got any feedback on him. I have Sartana ready to go, just need 1 more tabard and 1 more trap tool. Just a last check as to whether or not I should give Obakan OR Thoth a second look at ascending before I send Sartana up.


I have Obakan and Thoth, but since Obakan was first on my team I started led=veling him up first. I have Cyprian almost leveled up all the way, but he is more of raid defense for me. I use Obakan on my titan team and he is doing well as he does solid damage, give himself the reposte ability, and generates his special quickly. Not much to complain about here. Thoth will be interesting with his minions, but I will have to give way to someone with more experience using him to comment. Good luck with all your purple heroes as Sartana is solid.


Sartana is much better overall and probably in raids specifically where Obakan is focused.

I wouldn’t over think this one; he’s widely deadpanned in my alliance as being free ham on raids, basically since his beta nerf (he had an armor debuff previously too) it isn’t worth spending tabards on unless you have nothing else.

You do. Thoth is a similar argument… alt got lucky on some tokens and pulled a Thoth last month, taking him to 70 but 80? Doubtful, really doubtful. That account will get a better purple someday.


I have Sartana, Thoth and Obakan. Sartana is your choice hands down. Thoth is fun to play and better than Obakan in my opinion. I have both Thoth and Obakan near max 3rd Ascension and I doubt that I’ll use ascension items to bring them up to 4th. I have seen Thoth in higher level raids and he can be difficult to eliminate. His minions can really be a pain in your butt too. Obakan has never caused me trouble when I’ve been raiding regardless of his level/ascension. Sartana, well, She’s one of the premiere heroes in the game.


Thanks for the replies. It seems like such a waste to have all these 5 stars and find them useless. Wish I could trade them in for others. Like say, trade 4 x 5 stars for a 5 star of my choice. That would be a good game mechanic.


Or a minor summon with like… 5 other five star heroes. (Obviously, you get only one)