Anyone know the challenge event date


Any ideas on the new event date?


Teltoc, the last one was 27 days ago. Pirates of Corellia was September 7.

The events so far have started within the first 10 days of the month.


Thank you Rook, helpful as always


Should start next Thursday … was always at the second weekend of a month from Thursday to Sunday


Who wants to leak us the reflect color. Anyone? :slight_smile:


There’s nothing to tell yet, no new event in beta yet either :slight_smile:


At this point I’m guessing it is a rehash (Pirates, purple reflect) again. As I understood it in prior betas the cycle for new event heroes and content was a lot more than roughly a week.


And you are correct !!! Pirates it is :grinning:


Ahoy, Mateys !!! Yo Ho Ho !
Shiver Me Timbers !!! Today is the day :grinning:
Avast Ye, let’s get them. Good luck everyone :+1: