Anyone interested in adults only alt-right leaning alliance?

Hello, my name is Stephen and I’m a 38 year old father from Boston, MA. Politics isn’t the main thing I’d like this group to bond around, but I’m definitely trying to make sure my group is for like minded individuals, like myself, who get up everyday, go to work, take care of their family and don’t want to be bothered getting bombarded by anti-American, anti-white communist, socialist, and far left propaganda when they’re decompressing after a long day.

Again I’m not trying to have a group that focuses on politics, but rather a group of men and women of the same mindset as me.

I respect all opinions and understand everybody is entitled to one, but I’d like to be surrounded by people like myself in this alliance, while I relax during my downtime.

Please reply here or contact me if interested. I’m not looking for any particular skill level or number of trophies and only ask that you participate In any wars you’re signed up for.


Just a friendly suggestion.

You may have more luck following a general policy of “ leave religion, politics, discrimination, etc at the door” as most alliances do.

The game is also played by many other countries besides America, and you are severely limiting yourself in terms of Titan kills by only focusing on one particular area of the globe.

Again, build your alliance as you see fit, just a couple of suggestions from someone who has been playing for too long.

You also have a fair amount of personal info in your post that you may like to remove to protect your privacy.

Best of luck in your recruiting search.


You know what would make this forum even grumpier?



The email address is against forum rules

Idk if the full real name is or not

Other than that best of luck

I know you may hear some blowback but that’s good cause that’s exactly what you’re not looking for in your alliance so better once in awhile here than daily in game/line, i think it’s a decent approach to find the type of players you desire and weed out the ones you don’t

Happy hunting


I hope you find the echo chamber you’re looking for. Personally I love the difference of opinion, that’s how society moves on and progresses


Mocking aside, good luck Stephen. I hope you can establish a stress free zone, so you have more energy to be stressed about bad boards :+1:


You’d think I said many times and that my goal was to do exactly that, wouldn’t you? Trying to get together with people who lean more to the right does not imply bringing politics into the game or that it’s going to be a topic of discussion, especially when it’s stated politics isn’t the focus on the group. It simply means you don’t have to listen to other people talking about ignorant stuff that makes you roll your eyes, but thanks for your useless comment. I’m glad you’ve apparently not come across it though.

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