Anyone in melbourne?

In geelong - damn long uber ride home after drinking in melbs though

Lol not in Melbourne as such. Im in south east gippsland. Long way to go for a beer! Gl

I am in melbourne but depends which side. A bit nerdy about the game but if its drinks you want its always a good idea.

Its one draw back of the alliances - chatting is difficult given the time zones so getting similar zones helps. I do like the connections made around the world though including one or two within Australia.

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Hey… im bouncing around a bit but drinks can always be had centrally!

South East suburbs here.

Lets do it. E&p drinkies

Fosters with a vegemite sandwich!

Coincidence possibly but every friday night i resurrect this thread. .

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The next village to me is Melbourn. Sadly lacking the final β€œe” . And is South Cambridgeshire in the U.K.

Otherwise, perfect!
:beers: :pirate_flag:

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