Anyone having to wait 8hrs before skipping monster chest?

Based on all the information I’ve read, I can pay 20 gems to skip 3 times on the monster chest and then have a cool down period. For some reason, I have to wait almost 8hrs every time I fill the monster chest. I reached out to the support and I was told this is not an issue and no one has had it. Was wondering if anyone is experiencing this… can’t pay 20gems to skip.

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The cool down period is rolling, so each time you skip, you’re effectively resetting how soon you can skip again.

There’s a post about that here:

And a whole thread about it here:

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That’s my issue, I don’t get the 3 skips in 24 hours. I fill the monster chest at 10am… can’t skip again until 6pm. Then now I’m waiting for 7.48hours to skip

When was the last time you went a while without skipping?

Because once you bump up against the cool down, if you’re always skipping as soon as possible, your next skip will always be on cool down.

The last time I was able to skip and pay 20gems was yesterday 9 Feb. Before that the last time I was able to skip was 2 Feb. So since yesterday 9 Feb in the after, I could only skip once. Then wait until the next day this morning to fill the chest. After this morning’s fill I had to wait 6 to 7hrs.

I know it sounds crazy, but I watch my husband skip a few times and has 2 to 3hour cool down period. But when I told the game support, the informed me there are no issues with the game. But some how I’m stuck on a 7 to 8 hour loop.

I think you’re in that loop because you keep skipping quickly after the cool down — which means you’re always at the limit of the cool down timer.

I think if you stopped skipping for a bit, you’d be able to skip multiple times before hitting the cool down timer limit.

But you’d probably hit it again, because it sounds like you’re skipping as often as possible all the time.

Are you typically skipping Raid Chests, Monster Chests, or both?

I Just skipping the monster chest. Thanks for that. I’m going to wait and not skip at all until the time is up to see if it makes a difference.

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If you do have problems when you start skipping again, I’d contact Support a second time.

But I think you’re just continually bumping up against the same cool down.

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Got it. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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I had a 7hr cooldown period a couple of days ago, and that affected both the Raid and Monster chests because I routinely skip both, but I usually wait until the cost is no more than 10 gems unless the Field Energy and Raid Energy isn’t full. Then, I wait until one gets full then skip the chest.

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Usually after I wait 7 to 8 hours, the cost is below 10 gems. Even with that once I fill the monster chest, I can’t skip. I will just work on waiting for a while.

I understand what you’re saying. When I say cooldown, I mean a mandatory 7hr cool down where you aren’t allowed to skip either chest for 7 hours.

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It’s a rolling time period.

Essentially the way that it got explained to me is that:

  1. You essentially get 3 in a 24 hour period
  2. They “refresh” at a rate of 1 per 8 hours.

So think of it like your titan, raid or world energy flags… This is a “skip chest” flag. You have capacity to store 3x skips. Once you use the first one it starts regenerating it, taking 8 hours for it to fully regenerate.

If you run out of skips (i.e. get to 0 remaining) it has a timer until your next skip flag becomes available.

This timer will always be somewhere between 0hrs and 8hrs, as this is the time it takes a skip to regenerate.

Hope that makes sense?

It’s unfortunately not a bug and is designed to stop players taking advantage of the skip chest function to get unlimited elemental chests.


So what’s the best strategy for skipping chests if you’re looking to maximize the number of chests you open?

What I’ve been doing is:

  • wake up, fill both chests ASAP.
  • mid-day: skip and fill one chest
  • night: skip chests as necessary to fill both so that they will be reset naturally by the 12 hour timer when I wake up
  • repeat

This seems to let me consistently open 5 chests per day without running any issues with the skip cooldown. One of the links @zephyr1 posted talked about “at least 5” - not sure how to consistently get more than 5 though.

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Pretty much that lol

If you skip the midday one early enough and ALSO skip the other chest too, you can effectively get 6 chests in total per day.

I personally just do 4 chests per day, I miss the mid-day skip one.

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This makes a lot of sense. I have to be patient then.

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Makes so much sense. I was losing my mind thinking it was the game. I’m glad I asked the question, since this is the first time ever using the forum. I again appreciate everyone taking the time to explain this to me.


That 1 per 8 hours is an average, not a rule

Assuming you hadn’t played in 24 hours, you could:

8am Fill a chest.
8:02am skip for 20 gems, flask, and refill.
8:04am again
8:06am one more time.

With three skips bunched up like this the wait is initially 24 hours, not 8.

At 806pm your chest would open on its own , you could fill it.

And your skip timer won’t let you do another skip until 8:02am the next day.

I don’t recommend this, but it should work.

I think it makes more sense to wait 4-8 hours for flags to recover and costs to go down…


I know I am thread necromancing this, but I was not aware of it until I searched the forum - got a cooldown on monster chest skipping today!

The search function - so useful.