Anyone have same hero duplicates emblemed two different ways?

For example two jackals, one emblemed all-attack path, the second emblemed all-defense path. I am curious to hear from anyone who has done this and which one of those emblemed duplicates proves to be more effective and in what situations?


I haven’t, but I’d like to do this to a second Boldtusk at some point.


I think Emblems are too precious a commodity to be using on duplicates, especially as I don’t think the effort would be worth the difference but hey, one day in the far future when we are swimming in emblems I guess it may be worth a look in.


Hopefully my theory will be proven then, that different paths won’t make much difference.

Jackal is a good example to go straight attack up to 800+ or make him a little more sturdy by health/def.

Momentarily I think, that pushing the weaker stats by emblems is the better strategy to make every talented hero more allroundish, but that’s not carved in stone.

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I follow the opposite strategy making heroes who are ment to destroy even stronger in attack and raising the bulk of support heroes and healers simply because their use is more important then a little bit of increased tile damage.

There are some “gray areas” of course like the mentioned Jackal where I can find arguments for both sides…

It also does not hurt to increase the Def of your main tank albeit beeing an strong attacker…

But back to topic: No I wouldn’t emblem dubes, it’s already hard enough to decide who’s worthy to deserve some, so giving them to dublicates is kind of redundant unless, and that’s really the only reason here, you have a very small roster and a lot of emblems and no 5* in this category.

I think the strongest candidate is Proteus. So powerful, and a great value proposition at the four star level (both in terms of ascension materials and emblems).

Even though his tile damage is high, I took one to +17 following a Defense / Hit Points path, feeling I needed him primarily for his special skill. I don’t think I’ll go further right now (since node 18 is attack), which means my Wizard emblems are accumulating.

Despite the presence of Onatel and Kiril on my roster, I am also considering a second Proteus (already maxed). If I did that, I may follow an attack route, just to see how much that differs and to have another option on my roster.


That would also increase his DoT

I have 2 accounts and my sample is marjana. 1 emblem for attack path and another marjana on my alt account emblemed for defense path. I don’t really feel the differences right now, but wait until the emblem maxed at lvl. 20


I plan on having a Gill-Ra dupe go down the attack/defense path. My current one is going down the defense/health route.

I have tiburtus twice and i will never put emblems on the second (with grimm already with emblems not even sure for the first one)

Grimm and Tiburtus are different classes. Do you rack up a fair amount of ranger emblems frequently? Cause I know 4 star heroes need 505 emblems for a full grid.

The two most likely candidates are Boldtusk and Proteus, from what I’ve been reading in the forums these are the two 4* heroes everyone likes to have at least a couple of. However, these are not the best candidates for this test, as both heroes are not considered glass cannons. Lancelot, Jackal, Grimm, these are the ones which are most controversial in their emblem paths.

Maybe for this comparison the two side-by-side heroes don’t have to be the same hero. We can take an emblemed all-attack Scarlett and emblemed all-defense Lancelot. Granted this would not be as objective as comparing the same hero, especially due to class difference they have different talents, one with Evade, the other with Revive. Still, this may be as close as we can get to the comparison for this kind of test in the absence of the identical hero emblemed in duplicate.

There is also this option to reset the emblems off of another hero in the same class (Boldtusk for example :wink:), emblem the second Lancelot, temporarily, do the comparison with some statistically significant number of battles, then return the emblems back to Boldtusk.

@zephyr1 in one of your recent posts you mentioned you have many duplicates, any duplicates with emblems?

That actually might be the easiest route to take, to test with a 3*, as they require less emblems. I may do this with two Namahages. Where to test though? In raids it may not be the best place to compare as the opponent’s heroes I’ll be going up against will greatly overpower either one of them, in platinum arena for example… I’d have to cup drop perhaps. What other test suggestions?

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No, while I have many duplicate heroes leveled, I haven’t yet given Emblems to two of the same hero.

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@Gra My highest emblemed 3 star is Brienne. She is 16 nodes in and I have been able to bring her into at the very least high end gold raids. She is also my only attack booster right now as I do not have Wu Kong, Tarlak, Ranvir, or Miki. Having 3 stars emblemed help out greatly in rare difficulty seasonal events. My first Namahage I am making a glass cannon and another one i plan on keeping is gonna be on the attack defense side.

A good spot to test would be the early provinces of season 2. And when the seasonal stuff shows up, do the rare difficulty. Also, fyi the only ones of the pulverizer trio that are the same class are Gormek and Grimm. If you have to choose between which one to emblem, go with Grimm.

I have several 3*s emblemed and this helps to compete in the tournaments. I have one Namahage emblemed and I plan to level a second one after Falcon and Boldtusk are completed, so I can emblem the second Namahage in a different way than the first. I don’t yet have Grimm. If I get him I may just wait to give him emblems in order to conduct my Namahage experiment as they are both Barbarians.

Testing in rare events is a good idea, I can even use their total score to compare the results.

Do you plan to emblem both Namahages?

By the way, is Namahage actually considered to be a glass cannon? Which 3*s are glass cannons?

Among the 7 Red 3*s, Namahage has the lowest health BUT the 3rd highest defense, so… personally I have found him to be a glass cannon, but that might not be a fair assignment. I would usually bring him as a 3rd Red when color stacking in the world map, alongside Gormek and Lance. Not a fair comparison. and Nashgar seemed to die more easily when I would mono-Red on Green titans…

I also started bringing him as my third alongside Lance and Wilbur and it added a new dimension to my raids. 3*s die quickly though so its primarily tile damage. Having said that, this in itself adds weight toward going for all-attack glass cannons :wink:


@Gra Most of the Barbarians I have are considered glass cannons by their default stats. The grid can either make them more glass cannons or balance out the stats depending what path you take. I consider Namahage to be a glass cannon by his default stats. And yes when I do get another Namahage, I do plan on embleming him too but on a different path. I am gonna go defense and health on the second one.

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