Anyone has video/pic of ranvir+miki vs titan? ty

anyone has video/pic of ranvir+miki vs titan? ty

I can make it. Never really thought of an attack team Miki and ranvir. Maybe in a purple titan.

you will have miki 160 (lower than ranvir 195) with the miss of ranvir

so its a no-no combination

Did 2 atacks on a green titan. The first atack ran or didn’t fire up. So de damage was all Miki and the 3 reds. The second atack, ranvir fired and I forced Miki to fire, luckily he didn’t miss. And red stones was no show.


Pure Ranvir = +195% attack and -35% accuracy
Pure Miki = +130% attack
Ranvir + Miki = +170% attack with -35% accuracy

So Miki+Ranvir is worse than only Ranvir or only Miki.


What does that have to do with the current topic?

Here you go. Wu Kong is going for the classic Mario head stomp, while Miki is going for the full body side drop kick. Ouch!

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Oh. You said Ranvir. Hold my beer.

Here we have Ranvir going for the classic choke hold, while Miki decides to go for the elbow drop. Ouch!


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