Anyone had any issues with missing gems

On latest Atlantis Nov 2019. In the usual deal purchased the first of 4 available and then noticed there were only then two left available to purchase…?? after buying 1 pack/4.
Next 2 purchases worked fine, but I’m short 400 gems.As to what I was charged.
Xxxx from SGiant says there’s no current issues, just checking in here see if anyone else had similar problem.

Me, too. Just a few minutes ago I purchased one Atlantis offer but the server can not retrieve information message kept appearing. On my third try, purchase successful came out and was able to claim one set of 400 gems and 25 Atlantis tokens. However, I was charged for 3 sets. Where are the other two sets? Small Giant, please follow this up ASAP. I need those tokens.

Hey guys, just a heads up that this is a Community forum. SGG rarely are on here unless its a mass bug noted.

Best bet is to contact support:


Hi yes have contacted support. Got a very fast reply …but not as helpful as hoped .
Part of reply said , when there’s problems there posted on here. And basically, no one else is having problems… So this post is to see if anyone else has had a problem.
( I see now, theres another topic , about a similar problem)

Awaiting next reply.

Doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.

Not sure on the next steps. Maybe check your card/account statement and compare that to your in game history (menu -> support -> recent activity)

Thanks , once again I’m aware of recent activity. Checked that before contacting support.
I’m not going to comment on here anymore .
Just delete or close this topic if you can.

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