Anyone had a War Tie aka Draw?

It seems to be incredibly rare. I have had some close wars, but never a tie.

Ties gives you 3 points in your war chest instead of a 5 point for win or 1 point for loss.

It has already been discussed in this topic:

War ends in a tie

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Which doesn’t answer the question. Has anyone actually had it happen?

Bonus question— was it intentional to not break it, or were you out of flags?


Thank you Zathrus, exactly what I am asking, has it ever happened? Good follow up question as well, I could see friendly Alliances doing a Draw on purpose.

You’re right I missed the point.
It never happened to me

We had a tie a couple of months ago. Not intended, just coincidence. Everyone online near the end was out of flags.


Yes, we tied once…


We had one very close war that has been a tie when time ran out, but our last flag was not finished yet. Our member scored 4 or 5 points and we won. No good day for my heart…

Well, this just happened in my alliance, UK Adventurers. 100% flag usage by both sides.
They needed 4 points to win with their last flag … and got 3 to make a draw/tie!


Wow, I bet that was tense. Thanks for sharing.

It’s happened to our alliance once, perhaps twice. It’s very exciting when it happens. The one time I remember was when we shared a discord server with the opponent. We had a very friendly rivalry going and we both celebrated that we finished in a tie - all flags used and certainly no one threw a battle to achieve it!

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