Anyone getting gem deals?

It’s been a month since I’ve gotten any gem deals aside from the lackluster $2-3 deals for a few hundred gems and a tornado or something that I really don’t need. What’s going on with the gem deals? Have they been discontinued?

You have at events and Atlantis. Besides, there is one in the month, that epic offer with 3000 gems and AM for a specific colour.

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I have gem deals show up every other week or so. Some are attractive, some not so much. My rule of thumb is a penny a gem is a good deal, so I’ll grab anything that averages that irrespective of what other loot they might throw in. I’m not likely to spend more that $3-4 on an offer, tho, but that’s probably just me.


Avalon is coming up. I expect some spendy deals then . I hope so as I am getting low.


Yeah, I was hoping for the same. Last month I got a tiered deal just about a week before Teltoc, so I’m hoping the same thing happens this month. It just seems like when I first started I’d get one of those meaty tiered deals (1 @ $100, 2 @ $40, 4 @ $5) every other day. Now it seems like they never come around any more. All I get are those “meh” deals before Atlantis or randomly that are for 300 gems or something. I’m trying to do a 30-pull from Atlantis this month. 400 gems and a tornado for $2.99 just isn’t gonna cut it. Unless I get some of those other deals, I ain’t buyin’.

I got that $2 one that just popped up yesterday. $1.99 USD for 200 gems and an epic troop token. I’d have taken it if I wasn’t pissed at SGG for my poor Raid Tournament performance. That and I’m being cheap, but mostly for my poor tournament performance.

I agree, that’s a decent conversion rate. I usually try to maximize it with Challenge/Atlantis which usually does a 2:1 conversion ratio ($0.005/gem), but that’s just me.

I only buy deals with mats, the gems are the bonus.
Which I then use to

  1. get feeders in Atlantis summons
  2. continue in the raid tournaments as I lose to many attacks
  3. regenerate chests, really good use of gems.

So I don’t do the 4 @ $5. Offer as there are no mats.

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That’s basically the rule of thumb that I follow, but even further. If I can’t get gems for $0.01/each AND get some ascension mats or something other than battle items and junk, then I don’t tend to buy. Really, the $100 offer from the shop breaks down to $0.01/each gem, but even that’s too expensive in my book. There’d better be more to sweeten the pot.

I’d do that… if Athena, Delilah, Evelyn, or pantless Zeline shows up in Atlantis. But that’s because I can afford to do that. And I have issues. :shushing_face:

Still probably wouldn’t get them anyway. :expressionless:

Edit: to be more realistic, I’d chase Evelyn because she turns an entire sucky green bench around by herself. Athena, Delilah, and Zeline would be great and all, but I don’t need them to make my bench work.

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I was wondering the same. Usually there’s a deal that pops up over the weekend but there was nothing this past weekend. I’m looking to stock up on gems for Avalon and they aren’t helping me out here lol

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I used to buy all of the cheaper ones because they’re a pretty good deal overall, but they’re starting to add up, and I’d rather throw my money at a single more substantial deal and stop being nickle-and-dimed to death for deals that are lesser IMHO. I tend to use gems pretty much the same way you stated, except that I still do event pulls too. And I spend a lot of gems on world energy in order to keep a steady flow of feeders coming my way. I haven’t been playing for quite a year as of yet, so there’s still some unexplored territory in this game for me, and I haven’t pulled at most of the events because it didn’t make much sense at the time. At this point I can finally harvest around 1 million food per day, so I can level things way faster as long as the river of feeders can keep up. I stock a TON of recruits into my TC’s (Uncommon training) during AR, etc… I just see myself running out of projects, so it’s time to pull again, and this month is the month to do it!

You hit the nail on the head!!

The last bigger offer was tiered offer with Chun-Li Vivica picture if I remember correctly. Otherwise classic challenge, Atlantis offers, some worthless junk like the Panther one. Though Atlantis one ended earlier and then new offer: 300 gems, 3 Energy Potions and 300 AC for 10Euros appeared, I believe? (good in my books).

I think something shows up before Avalon and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they changed Challenge offer slightly to include also Challenge coins. As Onatel said: we’ll see.

The price per gem for the $100 special may be good, but–as much as I play this game–I don’t think I can ever give myself permission to spend that much at one transaction.

Call me irrational, but there it is… :wink:

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