Anyone get the update yet


20 characterssssss

Due to the preparation for the upcoming update version 18 and Alliance Wars improvements, we have now disabled new wars until the new update has been rolled out for players.

We are hoping to release the version 18 update next week. We’ll let you know once we are able to continue with the wars. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this!


Nope not yet 20Fckingharacters


Hmm wonder what update will include

War leaderboard finally?

Combining war score + alliance score?


Can we hope to see the hero classes or is it too soon?

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Be able to copy and paste the war log?!?! PLEASE SGG, PLEASE?!?!?!!?


I think too soon but who knows

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Too soon I think for the talent grid.


Last time they announced plans for an upcoming year(Season 2), it took em like 8 months

Which was actually sooner than i expected

They seem to have a lot of plans for this year and the classes are promissed to be released early, whatever it means. I guess the time will tell then.

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When its up for users it will be new thread in News & Updates section on this forum


Why the hell would they shut down war for 1 week to roll out an update

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Guessin cause the update has to do with wars and it could take a bit for everyone to get the update once it’s rolled out

Other than that i have no idea


I’m not certain, but I don’t think they can actually run wars when some people are on different versions, so they have to halt wars while players are transitioning between versions.

That’s probably right…I know you can’t raid someone on a different app version so it is likely the same for the wars.

I know why they delay wars

The question is why delay it now if they’re going to release the update next week

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You should open a support ticket and ask them.


The announcement release notes state they are releasing version 18 which I believe is being tested in beta now. Who knows what they will cherry pick to put in the final release, but there could be a good case for classes being added, especially since the end of year announcement said " Hero Classes (going live early 2019)". Isn’t this early 2019? I am going to spend the next week trying to get a few heros that aren’t fully leveled all the way up.

Ard those the same as 20 normal characters or are there more because the are fornicating and procreating?

Also, bumping for information/notifications

Oh gods l hope they don’t! I would like to see them test for at least 10 months.

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