Anyone else think this would be cool - tap a stage and see how much exp you can gain

you should be able to tap a stage and see how much exp you can gain from that stage

Yes, I think this would be very useful, especially when close to level-up.

sounds like a lot of work but it would certainly help. Voted

Not sure it’d be a lot of work tbh. You can already press on an enemy and see all their relevant stats/buffs/ailments etc, so extending that to a number on the map stage? Clever people up there at SG, pretty sure they could figure this one out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: This request is one simple QoL improvement that can make the game more enjoyable/user friendly for a great many who are working their way up. Not everything has to be aimed at the end game players.

What a great idea !!!

And what if we can see all food, iron, xp, recruits or just odds perhaps ?

Voted and share !

If you guys really think this would be a good idea let’s promote it

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