Anyone else playing from nostalgia?

I’m. Because I’m playing for 3 years and I see where this game is going. Pure p2w game. It’s not as fun as used to be 2 years ago. So I’m playing just from nostalgia. It took me 3 years to build all base and don’t what to loose it. But give more money to game? Naaaaah. No way.


I think we’re in a similar place, but I am going to spin it more positively.

I don’t think it’s quite been three years, but it’s been a while for me too. I am not patient, so that does not bode well for this game. I am C2P, but it was easy to think that a few pulls or a few mats would “make a difference.”

Recently, I began to feel, as I think you do, that it was becoming a hamster’s wheel. I was chasing heroes, farming mats, crafting mana potions for titans, etc.

I switched alliances for a constellation of reasons–a couple of my favorites left out of frustration as our alliance tried to migrate from serious-casual to full-on serious (coordinated tanks, three-prong war strategy, etc.). I am pretty active, so it wasn’t the time that I needed to put in, it was the priority that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. In any case, I switched alliances to something smaller and way more casual.

I’m enjoying it. I feel less pressure to perform against titans (well, they’re small, so easier :slight_smile: ) and can use my flags at my discretion in wars.

I’ve also committed to spend less. I spent $0 in the last AR (I’m saving my coins for August) and am on-track to do the same in the current Guardians event. I really want a guardian (other than bat) on my roster, but nine pulls (all _earned, btw) later I have cornered the market on Belith. I’ll just let it go.

So, “no,” I’m not playing out of nostalgia, but I am enjoying the game more.


Although I do like this game, my ulterior motive is that I want to hang around because I want to see what happens at the end of the movie…

Don’t think we are quite at the end mind you