Anyone else making plans for class feature?

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Curious if I’m the only one making loose plans for the class tokens and quests

Mainly figuring out which heros I’d like to use tokens on and which dupes are worth leveling in case i have gaps in some classes for the quests

As far as planning token spending, i know some people will start using them as soon as they get them, but i think I’ll probably wait and stock up for the first 6 months to year of release, maybe longer depending on how oftem they’re available through gameplay/purchase. Figure it’s a safer bet to watch the successes and failures of others rather than being the one taking a gamble on the resources.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on heros in beta testers teams since they’re having a solid jump preplanning(which comes with voluntarily putting the time in to test new features and work out kinks for the rest of the community)

Anyone else thought this far ahead or just goin to wing it?

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Nice save :wink:

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I know my first hero to class boost for every class.
Only the first, as it probably takes a while before having two.

At first i thought too to wait others and see how they go with the hero they picked, but there are so many i miss and so many people generally disagree that it has no point for me to wait and see.

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I’m gunna do all the things and win all the things because I’ve got the roster depth to do so. With my spending limit dropped to 50/month, I will be a little more selective if (when) there are “deals” to include emblem-related content.

Truthfully I am MOST worried about these emblems, with these new HOTM ‘resistances’ a close second.

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Whilst I would like to do more to prepare for class quests all I’ve been doing is to take various heroes I’ve never used or powered before for test drives whilst farming to gain additional insight in how to use them and which types of other heroes they may work well with if they qualify for the same quests in case I need to use one of those heroes to make up numbers for a specific quest.

Given that it sounds like many heroes have been moved around from one class to another I’m not really sure what else can be done at this point. However it would be nice to know whether certain types of heroes tend to cluster around a handful of classes. For instance do snipers tend to be in a certain 3-4 classes, healers in another 3-4 classes etc etc. If so and you’re heavy on on snipers and healers but low on slower AoE you have an idea you’ve an area of deficiency or is it the case that there’s no discernable relationship between skills and classes?

I’m not in beta so can’t answer this but I think that you get back any class tokens you’ve used to power a hero when you press reset in the Talent Grid screen, I think I saw it posted somewhere but can’t remember where though can’t be sure it wasn’t just a rumour.

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Unless something changes, resets (de-talenting a hero and getting emblems back) won’t be free - there will be a cost of some kind, either gems, needing a special reset item, AND/OR only getting 90% of the emblems back.

Basically I believe the design goal is to allow people to put emblems on a 3 or 4 star and not feel that they were wasted on a non-endgame hero, while at the same time not allowing the passing around of emblems willy nilly for each quest/war/titan/content thing.


Lol glad it got the Dr’s approval

Either gems, special item or 90% of emblems back sounds a fair compromise to me. Naturally if there was no cost involved emblems would quickly become like troops that you could just put on whichever heroes you’re about to use but being able to get back the majority of the emblems will go a long way to avoiding the same sort of fearing using them on the wrong heroes.

This is basically what I’ve been doing.

I’m starting to think about which heroes I’d get the most bang from improving stats on, like turning Proteus and Wilbur into rough equivalents of a current 5*. I know special boosts will likely be available for different classes, but I’d be happy just bumping up defense and hp on heroes like them to start.

And I’m doing my best to level a diverse set of heroes, as well as duplicates, to at least 2-60 for 5* and 3-60 for 4*. Like you, I figure that makes it more likely I won’t have gaps for class quests, and can more readily work on maxing heroes that turn out to be needed, vs starting from 1-1. For where I’m at in game progress in general the bench depth does me good anyway.


I’m maxing out my remaining training camps to TC20 just to ensure I’m ready for the new features.

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Hmm, that’s interesting, are you imagining that’ll be a requirement before gaining access to class emblem usage?

I only have 1 tc that isn’t already at 20, but I figured it’d be one of the last things I upgrade since I’m unlikely to ever run that particular tc above 11.

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I have no idea. Luck favors the prepared you know.



I think the idea behind juicing a TC20 is to expand your roster due to the limitations placed upon classes on the emblem-events.

For someone like myself, who has 50 heroes 3t/60 and up, (45 3T/59 and below), I just need to coast through there, farm for materials to craft the battle items, and go get my emblems.

For someone who doesn’t have a full roster? TC20 * 4 until you have a good smattering of all classes in 4/5*

I thought about runnin 2 tc20s and just not collecting until the classes release. Only 1tc20 hero left that i want anyways and that’s magni

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The only thing i’m worried about is feeling I have to spend resources on my languishing riposte heroes. I’m really hoping they don’t all end up in the same class.

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I run 3 in the so far vain hopes of getting Lianna, Joon, and Sartana. If anyone needs some spare Elkanens, Kadilens or Horghalls though…

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I have too many heroes to level within my lifetime. However, I do want Sartana because I have tabards to burn and am more likely to get her (over Kage)… I’d even accept domitia (as my 4th purple/dark 5*)

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Haz you still got line?

Have sartana, khiona, hel maxed. Aeron, domitia, and dupe sartana at 3/70, aeron will get tabbards if i don’t get kunchen. Domitia will be after him since i cant snag any other 5* dispeller

May keep holdin mats to see what wonderland offers as well

Yep - need my id? Just add ip to the beginning of my name iphaz…

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