Anyone else losing interest.....There is virtually no

Free to play console games Like Warframe offer 1000000x the amount of combinations.

Where this game offers troops.
Considering how long of a grind this game is to “progress” (whatever progression is in a poop time game)

They really need to offer some way to modify squads.

The game really doesn’t involve any skill. It’s all luck based on how many heroes you get. And what tiles fall and where. And whether you feel spending the 30 seconds before each raid to create a counter squad…(and spend $$$ to even have the luck to draw counter heroes)

Games like Warframe are soooo deep…hundreds of weapons and mods and ways to level the weapons and mods.

This game has become nothing more than a Candy crush with wizards n’ !@#$

Look at how a game like diablo or division…how you can fine tune so many little indiviual things to go from hitting for 10k to 10 billion.

When I hear that people have spent thousands on this game…holy crap…mind blown…It’s fun to play when on the john…But as it stands it’s mindless and has zero strategy.
There was almost a tiny bit introduced with aeron and how his special could negate the bunnies debuff. But that’s the extent of it.
There needs to be more for me to spend another penny.

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Well, as with anyone, you are entitled to you opinion.
My opinion is that you do not have to have that much customization in this game. As this game is a mobile game and thus inherently geared towards much more casual player base. That being said, I prefer this game over all the ones you mensioned. This game is much easier fun, and I like that. Not every game has to have as much customisation as Warframe, if you want that you cab go play Warframe.

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