Anyone else having problems with the Epic challenge?

I have one 4 star team as I only have 5 fully ascended and talent upgraded heros. I am having a really hard time with the last stage stage of the Epic challenge, the mix of Guenievre and Morgan Le Fay is killing me. The mix of healing and HP drain is kind of ridiculous. I like a challenge but this is kind of crazy.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

What is your team?

Bringing bombs/axes/dragon attacks to spam at the final bosses is a good move for lesser powered teams. Timestops are also a lifesaver, as the bosses aren’t nearly as powerful if they can’t use their specials.

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I am sorry but my team should not matter, the epic challenge should be doable with any descent 4 star epic lineup with each 4-5-6-7 talent upgrades. Just tried two more time, this is getting very very frustrating.

Your team definitely matters I’m not sure why you would think otherwise.


My team is Gormek, Sabina, Hu Tao, Boril and Kashhrek. It is the only one I have, again, why would I need a specific special hero fully upgraded, to compete and get top rewards I understand why you need a special team, but just to complete the challenge, any good team with the right set of items should be able to do it.

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I think it just go to show that these 5 star event heros are way too powerful. Power creep will kill this game if they are not careful.

Blue is reflected. It is not a good idea to use any blue heroes. Since Guin and Morgan are your main problems, I suggest a second red or purple


I do not have any other fully ascended 4 star, and my problem is not my blue, Boril is high defense and HP, he is usually the last one standing. My problem is I cannot get Morgan Le Fay to drop below 50% because her drain is way too strong. And not dispellable. And she has a fire defense which defeats the purpose of color stacking red.

your team has no firepower whatsoever. Even with the use of items you still need to knock off 2500 hp off the bosses. If you had proteus you could atleast stop them from using specials.


Proteus, do not know this hero, he must be a special event hero, which must take a lot of spending to get. Which brings me back to my point that completing, not finishing in the top spots, just completing, SHOULD NOT require any kind of special hero. Because then it is not a challenge, it just feels like a way to force you to spend money and it is VERY frustrating.

OP doesn’t really even need Proteus, just more vareity in heroes.

I beat it with Melendor, Wu Kong, Little John, Gadeirus and Gobbler (that’s right, GOBBLER, the :poop:iest 4star in the entire game).

Color stacking is vital in event quests.

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You don’t need any special heroes at all. What you need is a better team built around the enemy weaknesses, not around a rainbow team. Rainbow teams do not beat event quests.

I’ve completed Epic before using Melendor, Little John, Scarlett, Brienne and Nashgar (two 3 star heroes), that was before I had a decent bench of 4 stars.

Seriously just try stacking green and red. Carpet bomb the bosses, and then you have very little HP to take down, with a good board it’s very doable. Hard, but not impossible.

Bauglir is right when he says your current team has no firepower. Ditch Borril; no blue heroes. I’d at least consider ditching Hu Tao as well, because yellow is not a good color in the last stage. Replace them with a red and green 3 star at least.


It took me a long time before I was able to assemble a strong enough team to beat those final stages. I just came to accept that I’d have to keep grinding and growing.

I was a free to play player so I wasn’t buying any special heroes. One day I was able to finally beat the epic challenge and I was very happy.

It’s a game of patience and unfortunately, your choices are to either pay a lot of money to get there quickly, or put in the time and effort to get there eventually.


Nailed it @princess1!

@evilmind, even if your heroes aren’t fully maxed, as many above have stated, color stacking is key here. You also want to avoid Ice (blue) as that color is reflected back at your hero causing you damage. Try stacking the strong colors against the bosses, you’ll find it much easier to take them down. Of course sometimes the tiles don’t play nice but often you can make a good board from what appears to be a very bad one. Good Luck!!

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If it was so easy everyone would be able to do it and what is the fun in that? It’s a challenge for a reason! Eventually if you continue to play you will be able to beat all 3.

My best advice is to take axes, bombs, dragon flag and mana. Or you can take arrows instead of dragon flag or mana.

Don’t use any of those items until the final stage. If possible try to have your hitters, gormek and hu Tao supers ready to go too!
Once it starts use a dragon banner, then axes, bombs, special attacks then dragon banner again if it’s been 5 turns. Then mana regen gormek and i would attack Guinivere first. Rinse and repeat with mana regen and gormek and attack the other 2! While using boards as well!

If you use arrows instead of mana or dragon it’s really pick your poison, dragon flag is good for board and special attacks, mana gets you to ignite the special attack.

For me i scored best using mana, dragon attack, axe and bombs.

My heroes were Wu Kong at 7 hero class, Summitmmo fully leveled, Boldtusk at 12 hero class, Caedmon at 8 HC and Tiburtis fully leveled.

Good luck and i hope that helps!

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When dissecting your team, this is what I see. Boril is good against direct damage heroes. Since king Arthur is the only one to do direct damage, boril is a bad choice. Gormek has defense down. Very useful. He also has low attack. Best to pair him with another red hero (doesn’t need to be fully ascended or even a 4*). Sabina has good attack and so good tile damage as well as dispel (very helpful against Guinevere and Morgan). Hu tao and kashrek also have low attack.

I would keep gormek and Sabina. Pair them with another red and another purple. For your fifth hero, I would consider another healer to get you through the mobs.

Make sure to go into the final fight with full mana. Carpet bomb the bosses and focus your fire on either Morgan or guin. Whichever has a better tile setup. Try to kill one of them quick so you can ghost tiles there.

Best of luck.


Just finished it after failing it yesterday as I didn’t take out Morgan first.

Took in and used 4 axes and 2x turtle banners. BT and Rigard are fully maxed, Tibur, Caedmon & Wilbur are getting there.

I learned more by failing the first time. Good luck @evilmind :smile:

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Proteus is an Atlantis hero that anyone should feel lucky to have in their roster. He isn’t a special hero, as you put it, he can be summoned by the use of free Atlantis coins that you can get by completing season 2 stages. What he does is 100% suppress mana generation for the target and nearby enemies for three turns, while also applying some DOT. Of course Proteus is not an absolute must have in order to complete the epic challenge levels, but he sure makes the bosses feel like a walk in the park, for both epic and legendary tiers. My advice? In the future focus on season two stages in order to get the coins and use the Atlantis portal as much as possible, while crossing fingers for Proteus and Wilbur. These two can be obtained for free and, in most events, are far more important than most 5* heroes… Best of luck!

Sorry but your assertion that any 5 4* should be able to complete Epic Challenge is just way off. Do you even have any 3* troops or did you feed all of them off too?

I had Proteus in my F2P account long before I got him in my C2P account.

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