Anyone else having issues with raid matchups since update?


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You were very helpful, thank you​:laughing::laughing:. There is a problem and obviously I can not explain it correctly. Language differences. I do not fall for the first time in battle. I’ m 36 level in the game and I am not new. Anyway… If the problem persists, I will just delete the game. Have a nice day


It’s clear you’re having trouble in fights and feeling like your heroes are less effective than they used to be. Beyond that, I’m afraid I don’t understand.

You might try posting what you want to say in your native language, and then your best English translation below that. Between those two things, we might be able to understand better what your issue is and figure out how to advise you.

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The exact thing I wanted to explain! But I really do not know if this is a bug or there is another problem. I tried to change the places on the Heroes. No result. I tried another combination with other characters … no result. If before the update I defeated the same enemies without problem now I can not. Why?

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Can you explain a little bit more about what seems to be happening? What in your raids seems to be different that is making them harder?

The reason I ask is that I, and most other players, haven’t noticed any difference since the update. There have been isolated complaints of fights feeling different in some ways. But no real patterns that the developers might be able to focus on.

Could you record one or more of your fights and upload the video so that we can see what’s happening?


Sometimes there’s a streak of very unforgiving boards, sometimes a streak where everything goes your way. The other day I had a run filling my hero chest which got me into the top 20, where everything went right, over and over. This morning when chest filling I had a run of boards so awful that I got 16 dead enemy heroes for 6 flags - twice I couldn’t even manage to kill a single opposing hero.
It’s not a bug per se, but it is extremely frustrating when it happens.


Yup. Past 2 wars we have been matched with alliances WAY stronger than ours. The first screenshot is our alliance.


I was, getting all level 60 and 70 heros, but now it seems fixed and more equal


I will give a detailed explanation in a few days. I will take photo If the problem persists with my game. Thanks for your atenttione!

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You’re welcome! I hope things improve for you.

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I don’t write for bugs. It’s not the case here! Puzzels are impossible and in the war two times we have the same Skill twice one after another…


Just had an Alliance War in which the opposing alliance had 21 teams vs my Alliances 20 teams. They barely beat us, where is our compensation for their additional flags?


Matched with an alliance with more teams can happen. No compensation necessary.

Deal with it.


The matching algorithm discounts your war points in cases where you are matched with a larger alliance. So you had fewer teams, but were a stronger alliance.

Given that it was a close fight, it sounds like the matching algorithm did OK.