Anyone else having issues with raid matchups since update?

A lot of my allience has been having issues where it is only matching us against people with 300 up to 600 team power higher. Ill see if i can get some screen shots. Just curious if anyone else has seen this happen?


It’s possible. Matchups are only based on trophy counts. If you’re within -300 to +300 of an available opponent, you could get matched up with them regardless of team power.

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Just seems odd that its been every matchup since the update. Ive done probably 15 or 20 raids today.

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It’s not that unusual if you think about it. Highly addicted players tend to update sooner and play better than the average player. You will likely be matched against the better players if you update the day that a new version is released.

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I also think that it is just the update. as soon all Players installed the update, the matchmaking will be better again…

Also having raid issues. In the last 2 days I’ve lost a total of 16 raids. I went from a having 1024 down to 529. Out of curiosity I hit the revenge button only to find out there are teams with 1690 beating me with a score of 2450


What you see when you hit revenge is their defense team, not the team they used to beat your defense team. One has nothing to do with the other, since (1) most players tailor their attack team based on the defense they are attacking, and (2) after filling a raid chest, many players will lower the power of their defense team, so they have easier opponents to get their revenges on.

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Interesting, i signed up here because raids seem to be more tricky since the update. In general I might have some lucky rolls and crawl up the ladder. Sure, I get robbed by players between 200 to 600+. Maybe player weaker than me doesn’t even try?
But, since the latest update I cannot win raids anymore against teams slightly higher than me. Usually there is characters I make no damage at all but they kill my heros with one hit. One character, do not know the english name, she is wearing a metal suit does not take any damage. Maybe the new calculation is not putting very strong characters into consideration?
And yes, right after the update I was attacked like hell. Actually, is the max. 6?


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Totally this. Updating within 10 mins of the update puts you against all the other freaks and no-life’s (like you and me) :smiley:

A lot of people in my Alliance have been complaining about raids since the update. They said they just changed hero power but something else is going on. So many of us who could do well enough to stay in Diamond now can’t get past 2300 trophies anymore. It’s not the matching either. SG changed something else either intentional or introduced a new bug and we can barely win any raids either.

Small Giant is really sucking the life and fun out of this game by introducing changes that in the end, just make things worse.

Raids just plain suck and need a complete overhaul

Yes, I have been having the same problem. Eventually or gets to a # I can fight. It costs a lot of food that I could definitely elsewhere.

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What the hell is going on with this game! I’m fail constantly in the arena! Im playing with this heroes over a year and the effect now is zero from them ???Please fix the Game How it was before!!! What should I do Now? Start from the beginning combine a new heroes? It’s not easy to develop a new hero and new Team ? War is a mess! The opponent is not equal! And now you ruined the heroes???Please!!!Fix the Game!!!


And what exactly is the bug?

Arena means battlefield in alliance war?

Im not shure Exactly! But after the update, I have a problem in the Battles and with the Power of my Team!

I mean Raid Arenas! After last updated i have a problem with my power on the Team!

Somtimes I raid up to 2200 cups and overnight down to 1700 or vice-versa.

I think that’s normal and after a while you are around an average value due to your teampower.

I do not think that this is the problem here! I’m not new in this game! I know how to choose my opponent! Or the reads work! Now I fail in 90% of the battles and they kill me as I’m playing with 3 * heroes!

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Please do not use up all the exclamation marks. Once they are gone, what will be left for everyone else? Semi colons?


I’ve lost 6-7 in a row before. I’ve also won that many in a row.
RNG seems a bit streaky with all aspects of the game. Some will argue that’s how random works. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’m not here to read some theory of blah blah blah, so those people, don’t bother :wink:

Anyway, good luck with raids!

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