Anyone else getting the arrows deal?

I think I might buy an item offer for the first time, as I see it it’s 100 crude iron for 300 gems, :thinking::thinking: thoughts?image

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Yes I got the offer too. I using them very rarely so offer is not relevant for me. I wanna 100 mana potions for 300 gems


I got the offer too, thinking about it.
I keep between 50 to 100 on hand normally, but i often forget to use them, but 100 for 300 gems seem ok.
Have fun.

Ya i thought the same 300 gems for iron so i bought it

I don’t make arrows because they use crude iron. But this offer might be obsolete after alchemy lab.

Yup, these offers started with the latest update. I had created a thread about it. It comes everyday with something different. :slight_smile:

New offer in the shop! Hunter's Special

Why you don’t? What else can we use crude iron for? I am quite new to the game :slight_smile: thanks

Tornadoes are a big item.


I crafted a lot of arrows in the early to mid game. I still have 800+.

I rarely use them, and I’m finding I only use mana pots and maybe healing sometimes in 1 star items.

I am always crafting tornadoes for high level titans so they get the crude iron

Long story short, it doesn’t represent value for me

I don’t buy battle items at any price, least of all arrow attacks. With patience and measured usage, I generally have enough battle items of any type for what I want to do in the game.

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With 5631 arrows in my inventory right now, thanks to making them to burn iron earlier on in the game, I don’t see any reason for me to buy that offer. I usually only use them for the rare level in challenge events anyway.

If alchemy lab keeps costing gems as it does, such an offer is not going to be obsolete soon… Unless the cost is less than 3 gems, it costs more to convert than to buy.

Actually, alchemy lab makes the current ice offer look incredibly good: 2 3-star non-farmables for 500 and a trainer thrown in. With alchemy lab, you would spend 400 for a chance at those items and not get the trainer. Not to mention the wait for the conversion to actually take place.

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